All Co-Habitating Couples and Families Can Travel With PGR’s Best Vacations Ever

Ever since Preferred Guest Resorts (PGR) opened its doors over 30 years ago, it has catered to and provided incredible promotional vacations to a much larger audience, and shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, creed, gender, gender expression, age, national origin (ancestry), disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or military status, in any of its activities or operations. PGR has strategically cherry-picked the finest of destinations and established third-party partnerships with properties that share PGR’s goal and dedication to enhanced travel and budget–friendly Best Vacations Ever promotion travel opportunities for families and co-habitating couples

Before jumping the gun and denying charges you do not understand on your bank statement, be sure to think about recent transactions and call Preferred Guest Resorts about your Best Vacations Ever charges and quick resolution.

Ever wonder what you should do about charges you don’t understand when you review you monthly bank statements? Give the company a call as soon as possible to resolve any concerns. It sounds simple—and it is! It saves time and avoids costly mistakes for what may seem to be an error, but it’s really a legitimate charge for your Best Vacations Ever (BVE) vacation package. To avoid such errors, visit the home page to find the customer-service phone number for the country you live in, even the U.S., and call the company first! Preferred Guest Resorts (PGR), provider of your Best Vacations Ever vacation package, is the fastest way to solve your problem. You should be watching your bank and credit-card statements carefully every month so you know where your money is going. If you find an odd charge on your bank statement, think about recent purchases, and check it

Many businesses do not realize the power of social media and the Internet in today’s business environment, like Preferred Guest Resorts does, when it comes to proper handling of reputation and crisis management.

Recent celebrity scandals such as with Paula Deen, Amanda Bynes, Miley Cyrus, and the caddy Twitter swaps between LeAnn Rimes and Brandi Glanville show the importance of proper crisis and reputation management, even though I’m sure they all wish the poor media attention would just go away. Unfortunately, it won’t. With little filters available, especially online, some improperly handled celebrities (which are basically a “brand”) and most businesses, do not realize the power of social media and the Internet in today’s business environment.

Any person, or company for that fact, can have a bad day or experience, and with today’s instant online channels and online-complaining trend, it seems easier for people to just jump online and complain, thinking, “I have the right to freedom of speech, and I can say whatever I want.” But the fact is, certain statements are restrictive and illegal, such as: “This business is a fraud; don’t do business with them.” Without substantial proof, it is considered slander and illegal action can be taken against