It may come as a surprise, but Orlando is a major hotspot for professional soccer. In fact, it was named the Best City for Soccer in 2016 by a study conducted by WalletHub. If soccer is your sport of choice, do yourself a favor and book one of your Best Vacations Ever in Orlando this year for the Major-League Soccer (MLS) and National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL) season!

So, what is it about Orlando that makes it the crème de la crème of soccer?Forstarters, the WalletHub study found that Orlando has the highest stadium capacity for MLS and NWLS. Top that with the lowest minimally priced season tickets and you’ve got yourself a great sport to watch in the best stadium. One more number one for Orlando –the city has the most captivated fans. This trio of ace’s makes Orlando the Best Vacation Ever destination for soccer fans!

Orlando’s MLS team is the Orlando City Soccer Club, better known as The Lions, who are fairly new to the league having played their first game in 2015. Orlando City Stadium is the brand-new home of The Lions as of February of 2017. This grass-field stadium has a capacity of 25,500 and cost $155 million privately funded dollars to construct. The Orlando City Stadium also houses 31 executive suites for premium game views.

Season tickets to see The Lions sell out fast – there is already a waiting list for season tickets for the 2018 season. To get your name on this waiting list you’ll need to become an annual member of LionNation, Orlando City Soccer Club’s member program. Expect to shell out roughly $370-$1720 for season tickets, if you can get your hands on them. If you’re a real die-hard soccer fan and have an expendable income, season tickets can still be purchased for the Audi Sport Club for $5440. This gets fans premium seating, dining and drinks.

If you aren’t one of the lucky ones who snatched up season tickets last year for the 2017 season, you can still buy single game tickets here. Single game tickets are going for $32-$203 directly from the stadium, and even higher from verified resellers. Seats in the Audi Sport Club can also be purchased for single games for $320. Single game tickets are perfect for Best Vacations Ever seekers who are in Orlando for a limited time.

Ladies, Best Vacations Ever hasn’t forgotten about you – The Orlando Pride is Orlando’s NWSL team. The Pride share the Orlando City Stadium with The Lions – where they are record holders for NWSL’s largest attendance held. Tying in with the team’s name, Orlando City Stadium has 49 rainbow-colored seats in the stadium dedicated to the victims of the tragic 2016 Pulse Nightclub shooting. Season tickets for The Pride are available for their 12 home games and range in price from $160-$795. Single game tickets can also be purchased between $16-$79.50 here.

It’s obvious that Orlando is the place to be for MLS and NWSL fans. No matter when you choose to come take in a Lions or Pride game, Best Vacations Ever has several lodging options to choose from. Check out all our Orlando hotel and resort accommodations at, and get started planning your Best Vacation Ever to Orlando for the 2017 MLS and NWSL season!