Best Places to Bike and Hike with Best Vacations Ever

Best Vacations Ever family hiking in Tennessee.

Can’t get enough of the great outdoors….  Hiking, biking and exploring till your heart’s content while getting fit as a fiddle with the health and wellness benefits of vacationing? If you’re an ambitious biker, hiker or just intrigued walker ready to explore many different destinations, typography and geographical regions with numerous activities and attraction, we’ve got the top list of destinations for you. The list to follow will get your feet dancing for a Best Vacation Ever (BVE) low-cost, custom vacation provided by 30-plus year travel leader Preferred Guest Resorts (PGR) that can take you to some of the most spectacular hikeable and bikable places in the world.

Paradise and adventure are waiting for couples and families of all travel personalities with the most affordable Best Vacations Ever promotional vacation packages in Costa Rica.

Besides Walt Disney World® Resort in Florida, there’s probably no greater cast of character to enhance your spring or summer vacation – colorful toucans, scarlet macaws, howler monkeys, the most abundant and varied  jungle and mountain wildlife, crocodiles and even, the coffee bean, which has a fragrance and taste that dances on your taste buds regaling from Costa Rica’s famous plantations. Costa Rica is a treasured vacation destination, a paradisiacal region holding a privileged spot in Central America and a close proximity to California and the Unites States, making it one of the top traveler destinations.

You can have fun on and off the water on a Best Vacations Ever adventure.

If you’re going to dream of a beach vacation, dream BIG!  And DO IT EVEN BIGGER! Shut down the laptop, put in the time off, let go of your stresses and get yourself to the ultimate beach destination of Daytona Beach, Florida. I bet you’re already feeling the sunshine and conjuring up the most amazing and relaxing images: The soothing sounds of the surf, crashing waves, dolphins playing in the calm early morning waters, sparkling golden sands, beautiful sunsets, wind-brushed palm trees, echoing soulful sounds of music and joyful laughter, therapeutic sea-salt air and off shore breezes, and also seemingly endless and hypnotic coastal horizons. But Daytona Beach is also refreshingly action packed with a diverse and hearty bounty of adventures for those who crave alternative activities.

Black Friday, Holiday & Year-Round Low-Cost BVE Travel Packages and Tips for Planning the Perfect Vacation Gift

With your holiday gift of travel, you could see the beauty and splendor of Epcot throughout the seasons with Best Vacations Ever.

Ah, yes…tethered lights, unruly crowds with long lines, races to get the best items for gifts at low prices, and the bewilderment that comes when trying to find the perfect gifts for loved ones. You got it… Tis the season for online and in-store Black Friday and Holiday shopping, both in-stores and online, and those perilous decisions. One of the greatest and often overlooked presents for any holiday, birthday, anniversary, graduation and so much more that is available on Black Friday, Cyber Monday, all through the holiday season and all year long is the gift of a custom, up to weeklong Best Vacations Ever (BVE) promotional vacation packages provided by Preferred Guest Resorts (PGR). Extraordinary low-cost vacation packages for up to four people and with 12 months to travel. The BVE vacation packages save you hundreds of dollars off retail and even off many discounted travel rates that make for the most incredible and most shocking holiday gift of an upcoming travel vacation this spring or summer to worldwide destinations often with complimentary accommodations. You can find all the information, glorious destination, preferred accommodation selections, and fun and educational videos about PGR /BVE on, then call 800-656-2780 to talk about choosing, planning and booking your holiday gift of travel for up to four people, with up 12 months to travel.

Crawfish are a Cajun and Creole delicacy popular in New Orleans’ restaurants and during famous social-gathering crawfish boils.Temp your palette with your newly added and offered Best Vacations Ever custom promotional vacation package

The key to eating crawfish is all in the technique. This scampering shellfish bottom-dweller in Louisiana’s wading waters is a long-time delicacy of Cajun and Creole cuisine. If you’re a seafood lover, once you discover and master the technique, especially amid the confines of a crawfish boil or a New Orleans Cajun or Creole eatery, you realize what you’ve been missing—how something old becomes something new. New Orleans is an example of how things can change in an instance, yet many things stay the same. New Orleans took a crippling blow after Hurricane Katrina that had many wondering if the city would ever be the same. But the loyalty, heart and sour of the city emerged, and as news spread, locals, favored visitors and celebrities took to the streets to repair, restore and renovate damaged areas worth preservation, creating what is now the “New” New Orleans. That’s why Best Vacations Ever and Preferred Guest Resorts have recently added New Orleans, also dubbed The Big Easy or NOLA to its list of preferred destinations,

Epcot is just one of the most dazzling attractions around the holidays on your Best Vacations Ever trip to Orlando, Florida.

Planning for your family’s Best Vacations Ever trip to Orlando, Florida, during a peak holiday travel period? First of all, zap those holiday pre-travel fears because research shows that planning your trip can boost happiness, releasing endorphins. Plus, Best Vacations Ever helps unburden the stress some travelers feel when packing and planning, and not knowing what to expect during such festive times of the year. With its subtropical climate, it doesn’t take magic to know that booking well advance during the peak season is most important, especially during the holidays and most fickle weather season. Best Vacations Ever travel provider Preferred Guest Resorts is here to release you from many stresses and help you prepare, plan and pack for amazing holiday adventures in Florida. If you haven’t already booked your Best Vacations Ever family holiday vacation, call one of our travel representatives now at 800-656-2780 and save hundreds of dollars of your family vacation at the most-need time of the year.

Strengthen family bonds, stop at extra landmarks and save serious money driving to Florida instead of flying on your Best Vacations Ever adventure.

There are many ways to get from Point A to Point B—each one offering variable amounts of speed, cost, safety, comfort and carbon-footprint impact. Comparing all the options could be quite a task, but you don’t have to do it because Preferred Guest Resorts (PGR) has done it for you. When you book a one-week Alamo® car rental from PGR, you are eligible to receive a complimentary Best Vacations Ever promotional vacation package to Florida that includes a 3-night, 4-day stay in Orlando and a 2-night, 3-day stop in Daytona Beach—saving you hundreds of dollars. To secure your Florida Best Vacations Ever vacation package with a one-week Alamo rental car, simply call


You can experience the iconic Cinderella’s castle at the Magic Kingdom of Walt Disney World® Resort while on your Best Vacations Ever family vacation in Orlando, Florida.

Planning a magical family vacation to Orlando, Florida, with a focus on the theme parks of Walt Disney World® Resort? You know, it’s the perfect time, if not  done already, to make all your family holiday vacation plans, especially to Central Florida. The holiday season is one the busiest times of the year at this top family destination and its stunningly decorated Walt Disney World® Resort that features special holiday attractions, events and entertainment reserved only for the holiday season. Best Vacations Ever, a division of Preferred Guest Resorts, can make sure you get the family vacation you want at any time of the year and save you hundreds of dollars. Be sure to call 407-656-2780 for the Best Vacation Ever to Orlando, especially if this upcoming 2013-2014 holiday season. Given how many parks actually make up Walt Disney World® Resort—the Magic Kingdom® Theme Park, Disney’s Animal Kingdom® Theme Park, Disney’s Animal Kingdom® Theme Park and Epcot® (Don’t forget to check out Disney’s themed

Tis the holiday season and the time of travel. Heed these top tips to help reduce the stresses and hassles of holiday travel so you and your family have your Best Vacation Ever!

Heading to Grandma’s this holiday season or taking the family on a much-needed vacation? Travel analysts say this 2012 holiday travel season is gearing up to be the busiest in nearly a decade. Traveling over the holidays is already notoriously busy, expensive and stressful, but there are still deals to be found, provided you shop carefully and plan ahead. Looking for a last-minute getaway, check out our many promotional vacations to a wide variety of destinations with free accommodations by calling    1-800-656-2780, and you just may find what you want under the tree this year, along with your Best Vacation Ever! But if you’re getting ready to travel this holiday season, take a deep breath and heed some of these top tips to help reduce the stresses of holiday traveling:

  1. AVOID PEAK TRAVEL PERIODS: The Wednesday before Thanksgiving is the critical
While on your BVE promotional vacation, there are plenty of healthy and affordable dining options at the big-name theme parks in Orlando to please everyone, and every taste bud, in the family. Health-conscious visitors will be surprised by all the healthy choices available!

A vacation used to be a license to splurge—to eat and drink whatever you wanted—but travelers today are much more conscious about healthier eating options and spreading out their family vacation splurging a little bit. A nice dinner out with all the trimmings is always great fun, especially if you’re on vacation in Orlando. But for many parents, healthy eating options are a big concern, especially on the wallets when out enjoying all the city’s theme parks and attractions during their affordable vacation in Orlando, Florida.

You can always bring your own healthy snacks and sippie cups to refill juice or water  in your  backpack (check park websites for policies on bringing in food and water ahead of time.). But there are more healthy eating options today, especially when health and fitness options are top of mind at all kinds of eating establishments—theme parks included! Just ask your vacation representative at 800-656-2780 who can also help with advance ticket purchases while booking your promotional vacation package.

More and more theme-park travelers started expressing strong interests in having healthy eating options, especially after seeing the quick in-and-out joints with burgers, hotdogs, fries, and chicken nuggets,vendor stands with popcorn, decorative ice-cream treats and candy shops, and kids hyped up on too much sugar.

Moderation, obviously, is the key, but you and everyone in your family can eat healthy and still enjoy your promotional vacation in the theme-park capital of the world, so you don’t go back home 5 pounds heavier, with kids that are completely thrown off their healthy eating routines.

Healthy entrees are easier to find at the bigger restaurants at the theme parks, but the smaller, quick-serve joints do serve healthy options, too. If you take time to read the menu you’ll find plenty of alternatives to fries like Jello, applesauce, fruits slices or carrot sticks. Having two members share a meal also is  a great way to monitor portion control and save money while on vacation.

Your promotional vacation package to Orlando can be as fun, healthy and affordable as you want it to be. Remember that your Preferred Guest Resorts representative can help you with any advance ticket purchases and reservations too, if you call 800-656-2780. There are plenty more options available if you just look around while you’re at the parks or if you check out the dining options at each website ahead of time. But, to give you a head start, here are a few suggestions for  healthy eating options at some of Orlando’s big-name theme parks.


SeaWorld has one of the best healthy dining programs out of all the Orlando attractions, making it easy to stick to healthy eating habits. Don’t worry, there’s something to please everyone and every taste bud in the family. Along with a mesmerizing tableside view of sharks, you can get freshly prepared, upscale entrees of all varieties, from assorted salads to freshly grilled seafood and chicken at Sharks Underwater Grill. It’s may be a bit more expensive, but it’s truly memorable experience. One the kids will totally enjoy, no matter what they are eating.  Makahiki Luau serves up incredible Pacific Isle cuisine that’s full of fresh fruits, salads, prime entrees, along with plenty of traditional luau entertainment. (Call your vacation representative ahead of time at 800-656-2780 too see if they can assist with the required advanced registrations.)  SeaWorld also caters to vegetarians with a delicious super- low-calorie vegetable plate or a yummy garden burger at the Spice Mill. There’s also the cold veggie wrap in the Antarctic Market that’s a nice, refreshing bit to nosh on during a hot summer’s day. The delicious smells and succulent flavors from the Voyagers Smokehouse might tempt your taste buds to go off the wagon, but its just-as-flavorful yet healthy turkey sandwich is an equally delicious alternative that’s flattering on your figure, too.

Universal Orlando® Resort

Universal Orlando Resort combines adventure and healthy meals. No matter where you stop almost all of Universal’s dining options offer healthy alternatives to French fries or other high-calorie sides. Choose from veggies, side salads or fruit to help balance any meal. The Beverly Hills Boulangerie, Louie’s Italian Restaurant and Richter’s Burger Co. all offer a selection of soups, salads and sandwiches that won’t leave you feeling guilty or wondering if you’ll fit in that new swimsuit you bought for the hotel pool. When you’re in Islands of Adventure, try the Garden Burger at Burger Digs or the Chicken Caesar Salad at Pizza Predittoria for a quick, wholesome meal that won’t leave you too full for the rides. For an award-winning meal, look for the towering rock formations, cascading waterfalls and ancient figures carved into the side of Mythos Restaurant® and get ready for a top-rated meal with a scenic view and plenty of healthy options, such as the succulent Cedar Plank Salmon. Passing in between the two parks, the healthy options abound at Universal CityWalk®, which has a host of renowned restaurants you can sit a spell for a great wholesome meal for the whole family. Head to Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville® for the Caribbean Chicken Salad, or a plethora of options at restaurants like Hard Rock Cafe®, Emerils® Restaurant Orlando, NBA City, Bubba Gump Shrimp™ and many more.

Walt Disney World® Resort

Healthy snacking is the key to keeping both parents and kids happy while visiting the most magical place on earth. A colorful assortment of fresh fruit, veggies and juice can be found cold-packed with vendors at any of the parks, like in Animal Kingdom’s decorative Harambe Fruit Market, which entices children with its cold-packed variety of colorful fruits, water and juices. You can also find delicious, low-fat smoothies at Auntie Gravity’s Galactic Goodies in Magic Kingdom that are great for beating the heat while being healthy. For lunch? Head into Tomorrowland where you’ll find tofu and noodle bowls at the Terrance Noodle Station and Turkey Bacon Wraps at Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Café. Hollywood Studios also offers veggie sandwiches and a Southwest Salad with chicken at Starring Rolls or Backlot Express. There’s no skimping on flavor to eat healthy at Animal Kingdom’s Yak & Yeti, with its Mandarin Chicken Salad, or the hibachi-style grilling Teppan Edo or the many eateries in the countries at Epcot®. There are also a bounty of options for healthy eating at the many eateries within the countries of the World Showcase. French fries are popular and pretty much a staple item, so you’ll always find those on menus. But at least there are alternatives, like salads or fruits, that are offered at most establishments and at least one low-fat and one vegetarian entrée are now offered at all table-service restaurants.You can even satisfy your sweet tooth with a Dole Whip or a naturally super sweet mango smoothie that fills you up, too, instead of those hard-to-resist fudge bar or Mickey Mouse Ice Cream Bar. A couple during the vacation week is almost a tradition, but keep it a minimum… a special treat!

It’s much easier to eat healthy at the parks than people think, especially with so many options and a shared consciousness to serve and keep park visitors happy and healthy. Sometimes, it’s having the will power to follow through that’s the hard part. Remember, you can always stash away a few healthy treats and some water bottles in your backpack to help save money, time and stave off the kids’ boredom standing in long lines, depending on park policies you should check ahead of time online.  Whatever you decide, know that there are plenty of options to suit all your needs as you and your family enjoy your promotional vacation in Orlando. Be sure to call your vacation representative at 800-656-2780 for any information or assistance in booking your vacation, getting theme-park tickets or hard-to-get dinner reservations in advance, as well as notice of any dietary restrictions the hotel can be advised of. Then go ahead and have your Best Vacation Ever!


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