Sit back and enjoy your vacation with these packing tips for travel lovers
Sit back and enjoy your vacation with these packing tips for travel lovers

Vacation is a time for relaxing, forgetting your worries, and leaving your stresses behind. Unfortunately, pre-vacation ends up being a time of high-stress and last-minute panic attacks. You have to go to the bank, stop by the bookstore, buy a new swim suit, print out your boarding passes, and then go back to the store because you forgot to buy sunscreen. Oh, and then there’s packing. We can’t help with your errands, but we can help you pack.

Try these packing tips for travel to lighten your load and hopefully lessen your stress.

  • First and foremost, start packing a few days before your trip. Rush packing lends itself to the overstuffing of unnecessary items.
  • Check the weather so you’re not tempted to bring your whole closet “just in case” it gets hot or cold.
  • Call the hotel to see if they provide towels, blow dryers, and other toiletries. No need to double up.
  • Find out if the resort has a laundry room on site. If they do, put half of your outfits back in their drawers.
  • Choose a comfortable outfit to travel in that you can wear again during your trip.
  • Roll your clothes, don’t fold them.
  • Bring a multi-purpose electronic. No need to bring your iPod, laptop, and your Kindle if you have a device that serves all three purposes.
  • Color coordinate. If your tops and bottoms are in the same color family or they at least complement each other, you can mix and match your way through your vacation.
  • Wear your walking shoes and pack your flip flops. Flats and sandals take up less room in your bag.
  • Use your beach bag as a carry on.
  • And don’t forget to leave room for souvenirs!

Best Vacations Ever! by Preferred Guest Resorts wants you to have the best vacation ever, and part of that includes giving you all of the information you need to make the best of it.  These packing tips for travel are meant to do just that.