Best Vacations Ever offers you an dream-come true vacation with complimentary accommodations in Orlando and its free access to Disney Springs.
Best Vacations Ever is a dream-come true vacation with complimentary accommodations in Orlando. Enjoy free access to Downtown Disney, which is tons of fun for locals and visitors looking for more fun while on a travel budget.

Just off work and settled on the sofa one Friday night watching TV, my 19-year-old son zips by, keys in hand, and proclaims he’s heading out with friends. Maternally, of course, I ask, “Where ya headed? Catching me off guard, he says “Disney.” Even though I know better, I question, “To the parks???” “Nooooo,” he laughs, “To the Disney Boardwalk!”

It made me think about how lucky we are to live in Orlando, and that he and his friends have these amazing places like Disney Boardwalk and Downtown Disney to go to and have fun at Disney attractions with or without money to spend. It also made me think about all the free Disney activities Orlando travelers can do to

The Harry Potter trio courtesy of Universal Orlando Resort.
Experience the largest multi-million-dollar theme park expansion with Best Vacations Ever. Rendering of the Harry Potter trio courtesy of Universal Orlando Resort.

Wizards, Goblins and Ghosts, oh my! That’s right, Toto! We’re not in Kansas anymore! Eclipsing many of the current theme-park additions and expansion, the omnipotent $400-million-dollar Harry Potter expansion is incredibly grand and includes Daigon Alley, a London Waterfront and so much more at Universal Orlando Resort®. The expansion is double the size than expected and fully transports guests to London and the mystical, spellbinding world of Harry Potter. The well-though-out and planned expansion is literally one for the history books, as one of the largest in Orlando, and includes so much more than Daigon Alley and the London Waterfront, such as other Harry Potter areas and numerous  attractions, rides, shops, activities