Many businesses do not realize the power of social media and the Internet in today’s business environment, like Preferred Guest Resorts does, when it comes to proper handling of reputation and crisis management.

Recent celebrity scandals such as with Paula Deen, Amanda Bynes, Miley Cyrus, and the caddy Twitter swaps between LeAnn Rimes and Brandi Glanville show the importance of proper crisis and reputation management, even though I’m sure they all wish the poor media attention would just go away. Unfortunately, it won’t. With little filters available, especially online, some improperly handled celebrities (which are basically a “brand”) and most businesses, do not realize the power of social media and the Internet in today’s business environment.

Any person, or company for that fact, can have a bad day or experience, and with today’s instant online channels and online-complaining trend, it seems easier for people to just jump online and complain, thinking, “I have the right to freedom of speech, and I can say whatever I want.” But the fact is, certain statements are restrictive and illegal, such as: “This business is a fraud; don’t do business with them.” Without substantial proof, it is considered slander and illegal action can be taken against


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Bold online complaining is the new trend when, in fact, many promotional travel offers like Best Vacations Ever are legitimate and great way to travel at dramatic savings.

The wide world of the Internet is a wonderful thing, but it also has a dangerous side—false information, hacking, scams and now, the new trend of “consumer online complaining.” Some complaints are legit, but many today are simply symptoms of a person not taking the time to go through proper channels and not using a company’s internal resolution processes.  It’s become easier to sit behind a keyboard and write more aggressive complaints than it is to deal with someone in person or speak to them over the phone to receive or attempt resolution.

This untempered form of public venting often discredits products and businesses, and affects the hard-working employees who work for them. What people don’t realize is that many of these unfiltered complaints are actually—and legally—slanderous or defamatory statements that give a company reasonable cause for legal action. The promotional travel industry is not a stranger to “scam complaints.”