Bold online complaining is the new trend when, in fact, many promotional travel offers like Best Vacations Ever are legitimate and great way to travel at dramatic savings.

The wide world of the Internet is a wonderful thing, but it also has a dangerous side—false information, hacking, scams and now, the new trend of “consumer online complaining.” Some complaints are legit, but many today are simply symptoms of a person not taking the time to go through proper channels and not using a company’s internal resolution processes.  It’s become easier to sit behind a keyboard and write more aggressive complaints than it is to deal with someone in person or speak to them over the phone to receive or attempt resolution.

This untempered form of public venting often discredits products and businesses, and affects the hard-working employees who work for them. What people don’t realize is that many of these unfiltered complaints are actually—and legally—slanderous or defamatory statements that give a company reasonable cause for legal action. The promotional travel industry is not a stranger to “scam complaints.” In fact, many times, competitor companies can be to blame for posting negative comments in hopes of driving consumers to their own websites. This doesn’t mean that there aren’t good promotional vacation companies out there (who follow the rules and treat consumers and competitors fairly), but you do need to do your homework. Preferred Guest Resorts is a reliable company that has been traveling many satisfied guests for more than three decades.

The best thing to do when it comes to the Internet and sorting through such hearty complaints is: “Don’t believe everything you read”! Even though some complaints may be legitimate about other promotional travel offers, but some are not, unfortunately lumping legitimate promotional travel companies into the same basket. Best Vacations Ever by Preferred Guest Resorts (PGR) is one such product and company that is in fact legitimate and has spent more than 30 years dedicated to enhancing guest travel experiences using this authentic decades-old marketing technique.

In fact, in 1939, California’s Beringer vineyards invited attendees of the Golden Gate International Exposition to visit the winery with fliers using the slogan “All roads lead to Beringer.” The historical landmark winery that now belongs to Nestle invited Hollywood stars like Clark Gable, Charles Laughton and Carole Lombard to visit through a successful promotional tour that kicked off the wine-based tourism that is now a large part of Napa Valley’s economy. Thus sparked new methods of promotional marketing, especially in the travel industry. Thus, if you learn upfront the way these promotional vacations actually work and ask all the right questions from the very beginning, you’ll have a true understanding of the promotional travel offer and be able to take your family on an incredible Best Vacations Ever promotional vacation to amazing destinations that can save you hundreds of dollars!


Legitimate promotional travel offers like Best Vacations Ever by Preferred Guest Resorts can save you hundreds of dollars off an amazing family vacation to incredible destinations with free accommodations and other incentives.

Promotions come in many forms, from print to online, and contain what people often negatively refer to as a “catch,” when in fact it’s provided upfront in the terms and conditions and is usually an exchange for a brief period of time for a property introduction just like Beringer did, and it can save consumers a considerable amount of money. A Best Vacations Ever promotional vacation package offers FREE nightly accommodations for up to a week and often sweetens the pot with other possible incentives like a complimentary rental car through our preferred partner Alamo® or attraction tickets to theme parks like Walt Disney World® Resort, Universal Orlando® Resort and SeaWorld® Orlando. All of which enhance your vacation and save you money, in exchange for your participation in a 90-minute fun, interactive group session and property introduction at a convenient time and introduces to a travel program that can save you and your family THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS OFF FUTURE TRAVEL in locations all over the world!

Here are 10 tips for preparing for a Best Vacations Ever promotional vacation:

  1. Visit and view or download informative videos about Preferred Guest Resorts more than 30-year-long successful and legitimate business of providing enhanced Best Vacations Ever promotional vacations to thousands of guest from all around the word each year. TIP: Adding to the promotional travel company’s legitimacy and credibility, you’re given a website, videos, FAQs, PGR’s seller of travel registration number, and a Travel Concierge for one-one-one agent relationships, plus much more.
  2. Use your country’s appropriate telephone number provided on the website and your confirmation letters to reach PGR’s Travel Concierge 24 hours a day.
  3. Read the terms & qualifications you received when you purchased the promotional vacation package! If you do not have the email or letter, you can easily log into the website and download your custom package details.
  4. Call us!  Write down the representative’s name, then take notes about the details and required steps to redeem the vacation and incentives offered by the PGR travel agent in the U.S.-, corporate-headquartered Reservation Center. Inquire about the full terms and any upfront or associated fees, like hotel taxes, incidental charges, resort fees, etc. you will have to pay so there are no surprises.
  5. Ask for the details of the 90-minute presentation session you must attend, where to go and how you must get there. Also ask what happens if you don’t attend the required 90-minute group session. NOTE: If you skip the presentation session, you the promotional vacation package is voided, and you’ll have to pay the resort’s nightly rate, which could be very costly during peak travel periods, and you’ll also lose any additional perks offered, such as car rentals or theme-park tickets.
  6. Determine if any other incentives are included in your Best Vacations Ever promotional package, like an Alamo® rental car or attractions tickets, when you will get them, how you redeem them and what to do/where to call if you have trouble redeeming any incentives while on vacation.
  7. Write down the numbers you should call while traveling if you run into any issues. With PGR, you’re backed by a full-service, 5-star staffed Travel Concierge to handle any issues, as well as additional guidance and service.
  8. Allow your agent to customize your vacation package with upgrades to condos, or the addition of a rental car, etc.
  9. Although PGR gives you 18 months to travel, book your preferred dates as early as possible! For example, Orlando is a top-rated vacation destination and rooms fill up quickly during peak seasons.  TIP: PGR recommends you book 3-6 months in advance for the best availability Upon check-in, room upgrades may also available for a fee.
  10. When confident, book your Best Vacations Ever promotional vacation page using a major credit card for security, then start packing for an incredible and legitimate promotional vacation that saves you hundreds of dollars.
Don’t believe everything you read on the Internet, and call and ask important questions that make you an informed and completely legitimate Best Vacations Ever promotional traveler.

Simply asking questions upfront makes you an informed promotional traveler. A popular TV commercial right now is the girl who says to her boyfriend, “Everything on the Internet is true.” “Where did you hear that?” he replies, and she says, “On the Internet.” It’s relatable and humorous because we all know not to believe everything read on the Internet. Too much Internet reading can also cloud your thinking, Spend some time doing your own research and asking questions, talk to people in person rather than email, and YOU be the ultimate judge.  Also before you write an angry complaints on complainer-based websites, make sure it is justified (and legally provable), and that you have already taken the responsible approach to work with the company, allowing them the opportunity to resolve your concerns before you get on the keyboard.

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