Many businesses do not realize the power of social media and the Internet in today’s business environment, like Preferred Guest Resorts does, when it comes to proper handling of reputation and crisis management.

Recent celebrity scandals such as with Paula Deen, Amanda Bynes, Miley Cyrus, and the caddy Twitter swaps between LeAnn Rimes and Brandi Glanville show the importance of proper crisis and reputation management, even though I’m sure they all wish the poor media attention would just go away. Unfortunately, it won’t. With little filters available, especially online, some improperly handled celebrities (which are basically a “brand”) and most businesses, do not realize the power of social media and the Internet in today’s business environment.

Any person, or company for that fact, can have a bad day or experience, and with today’s instant online channels and online-complaining trend, it seems easier for people to just jump online and complain, thinking, “I have the right to freedom of speech, and I can say whatever I want.” But the fact is, certain statements are restrictive and illegal, such as: “This business is a fraud; don’t do business with them.” Without substantial proof, it is considered slander and illegal action can be taken against the complainer, along with court-ordered removal of such obviously false and defamatory statements from online postings no matter where they are posted, including supposed ripoff-report websites, most of which are not endorsed by any type of accredited agency, but are merely a site to let people vent their frustrations in hopes of driving traffic to their own site.

The trend of online complaining has driven more traffic to unworthy, un-credible sites that have subject many people to making illegal angry-penned comments that are actually slanderous and defamatory, leaving room for legal action.

Like many high-profile celebrities and industries who market on the Internet, the travel industry’s promotional vacation packages are often the victim of hearty potshots, but the days of should have, would have, could have are long gone. Today it’s a two-part process—it’s just as important to win in the court of public opinion, as it is in the court of law. That’s why Preferred Guest Resorts and its Best Vacations Ever division take reputation and crisis management very seriously and with incredible confidence.

As a 30-year pioneer in the travel industry, The Preferred Guest Resorts team works diligently to handle reputation and crisis management with effective methods that first of all redirect people to the company website at where they can find out the truth, see counter complaints and download videos that show the legitimacy and clearly provided consumer expectations that are delivered to the guest from the first to last point of contact. Preferred Guest Resorts, and its Best Vacations Ever promotional packages, knows that crisis management is critical to returns on its reputation and protects its business by leveraging its company’s greatest assets. They also provide 24/7 access to a U.S.-based Travel Concierge staffed with professional agents and who can handle any questions or concerns about the promotional vacation package they purchased.


With proper crisis and reputation management, Preferred Guest Resorts can send guests securely on amazing Best Vacations Ever, like Orlando, Florida.

Preferred Guest Resorts wears its name proudly, boldly, passionately and joyfully. and they consistently handle reputation and crisis management through proper channels and initiatives. Today’s business environment requires a robust, enterprise-wide plan to deal with unexpected crises. Company reputation and brand, as well as the trust and loyalty of consumers are all critical factors when it comes to crisis and reputation management. Sitting at the helm of the company’s Best Vacations Ever promotional vacation packages, Preferred Guest Resorts and its leaders take a proactive and strategic “here and now” type of role in organizational sustainability with tangible deliverables through advance preparation, including:  Internal resolution processes, personal and online initiatives, effective leadership, staffing talent, full disclosure of expectations, methods to de-escalate crisis situations, solid communication plans to build a bridge for resolutions with consumers to build a bridge of communications and resolutions so guests are empowered and less reliant on outside resources.

Preferred Guest Resorts knows that effective crisis intervention prevents situations from escalating to the point where there are limited options. Preferred Guest Resorts and Best Vacations Ever know expedited solutions and positive, optimized solutions targeted to consumers are key to a solid company/brand reputation, the maintenance of consumer loyalty and lead generation. If you have any questions about Preferred Guest Resort’s Best Vacations Ever promotional packages, please call 407-656-2780 and visit our website at where you can download all the information and legitimacy of incredible promotional packages for truly incredible vacation opportunities.


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