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Kristen Wiig’s new movie Bridesmaids hits theaters today, and it’s going to be BIG. We got a sneak peek of the movie last week, so we were able to capture these travel tips from the sure to be infamous plane scene. On your next flight, avoid disaster with these airplane travel tips:

  • To ease anxiety on a flight, don’t mix relaxation pills and alcohol
  • Do not scream “There’s a colonial woman on the wing of the plane!” unless you know for sure that there is in fact a colonial woman on the wing of the plane.
  • Don’t sneak into first class and claim to be a solo traveler’s wife
  • Don’t demand the curtain to stay open between first class and coach because of “Civil Rights”
  • Don’t mistaken the flight attendant’s name for a household appliance
  • Don’t ask your seatmate where he hides his gun
  • Do not stick a loaded gun in your brother’s carryon luggage
  • Don’t take a trip with your enemy

Go see the movie for yourself and tell us what travel tips we missed!

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When it comes to a Walt Disney World vacation or any other trip to the amusement park, admission tickets are the least of your worries. Food, drinks, and souvenirs are the main culprits to your dwindling bank account. At Best Vacations Ever! through Preferred Guest Resorts, we want to give you all the tips for a fun and cheap family vacation. Our previous blog gave you tips on how to find discounted Disney tickets, and this blog gives some pointers on how to save money from inside the park.

Plan to bring your own food

You are permitted to bring a cooler and fill it full of snacks, sandwiches, and drinks to prevent being gouged by the over-expensive restaurants in the park.  This can easily save you $30 or more per person throughout the day, allowing you to set money aside for one special treat per person that you can only buy in a theme park setting, like snow cones, churros, and cotton candy.

Buy souvenirs outside the park

There are plenty of places you can turn to for a themed souvenir item other than inside the theme park itself.  Your hotel gift shop may offer key chains, hats, notepads, pens, and other such items at a much more reasonable price than you could find inside the park.  This way, you need not skip the enjoyment of bringing home a unique souvenir, but it will cost you much less this way.

Opt for the refillable mug

The refillable, large mug or plastic cup might seem a little pricey at first, but consider the benefits: If you’re at a park like Walt Disney World, you buy the mug once and then you can bring it to any of the parks or waterparks and get refills for free. Instead of buying a different non-refillable drink for everyone in your family, just buy one and share. You can also fill the mug up with water to help you rehydrate.

Bring stir-in drink packets

Buy the Kool-aid or Lipton’s stir-in powder drink packets and bring a water bottle to the park. Use the free water from the fountain and stir the powder in for a tasty beverage that won’t leave your pockets empty. Bonus: Flavored water or iced tea is much healthier than soda and will help you stay hydrated.

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Every little kid dreams about Mickey and Minnie or Dumbo at some point in their young lives, but not all of them get to experience the magic that is Walt Disney World. Let’s face it: It can get pricey. Park tickets for a family of four can cost you $350. But lucky for you, there are ways to secure cheap Walt Disney World tickets in Orlando. The key is knowing where to look. Here are some tips for getting your hands on those discount tickets so your entire family can enjoy visiting the happiest place on Earth!

Pre-purchase your tickets as part of a package

By planning ahead and buying your tickets at least eight days in advance, you can save up to $40 on your Walt Disney World tickets. Also, by coupling your purchase with airline tickets or hotel reservations, you can often receive a packaged deal that will save you big bucks on airfare and accommodation expenses.

Buy annual tickets

If you know your family wants to return again within the year, you will save if you buy an annual pass. Even if you only return to Walt Disney World one more time in the year, the passes will be cheaper than buying separate tickets for both visits. Also, tickets with no expiration date can be useful. With this option, any unused days can be redeemed at a later date for free admission into the park.

Become a Sam’s Club, Costco, AAA, or AARP member

If you have already paid for memberships to one of these, you can take advantage of an additional benefit in the form of cheap Walt Disney World tickets in Orlando. Travel benefits along with discounted ticket prices can be appreciated through these options.

Best Vacations Ever!

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With all of these opportunities for saving money, it is clear that finding cheap Walt Disney World tickets does not need to be complicated. You simply need to know where to turn. Now, you can get started planning that family vacation of a lifetime!