Kristen Wiig’s new movie Bridesmaids hits theaters today, and it’s going to be BIG. We got a sneak peek of the movie last week, so we were able to capture these travel tips from the sure to be infamous plane scene. On your next flight, avoid disaster with these airplane travel tips:

  • To ease anxiety on a flight, don’t mix relaxation pills and alcohol
  • Do not scream “There’s a colonial woman on the wing of the plane!” unless you know for sure that there is in fact a colonial woman on the wing of the plane.
  • Don’t sneak into first class and claim to be a solo traveler’s wife
  • Don’t demand the curtain to stay open between first class and coach because of “Civil Rights”
  • Don’t mistaken the flight attendant’s name for a household appliance
  • Don’t ask your seatmate where he hides his gun
  • Do not stick a loaded gun in your brother’s carryon luggage
  • Don’t take a trip with your enemy

Go see the movie for yourself and tell us what travel tips we missed!