Universal Orlando’s Volcano Bay is the newest theme park to open in Orlando and it’s sure to be a hit with the locals, as well as the tourists! Here a few tips to help guide you through a day at adventurous water park.

Tip #1: Buy your admission tickets and set-up your Universal account (with your credit card) if you are going to use the tap-to-pay functionality of the TapuTapu bracelet – BEFORE you get to the park!

Tapu Tapu

Tip #2: Arrive before the parks open! Parking will eat into your time at the park, so its best to get to the gates as early as possible. Guests not staying on-sire must pay to use the regular Universal Orlando Resort parking garage. From here guests will take free shuttles to Volcano Bay. On-site hotel guests can use their room key to take free buses and use a dedicated entrance.

Tip #3: All on-site hotel guests can enter Volcano Bay on hour before it is open to the general public.

Tip #4: Purchase a multi-day Universal park-to-park ticket that includes Volcano Bay. It’s best to spread your time at the parks over a couple of days, if possible.

Tip #5: From now until late fall, you can expect large crowds at this new water park. Hit the thrill rides first, starting with Krakatau Aqua Coaster, then head to Ko’kiri Body Plunge and Kala & Tai Nui Serpentine Body Slides. Note: Due to the large crowds, do not be surprised if you can’t ride everything in one day.


Tip #6: Another reason to arrive early is so you can pick your ideal spot to set-up camp. Families with younger children should consider calling the Puka Uli area home base, while families with older children may want to consider Waturi Beach.

Tip #7: Be prepared to climb some steps. Three of the most popular rides are at the top of the 200-foor Krakatau Volcano. Also, if you have a fear of heights or claustrophobia, you may want to skip these adventure rides.

Tip #8: Know what you are getting into before you wait in line. Some rides, like the Phno and Ohyah drop slides are better suited for strong swimmers and other rides or areas have height or weight restrictions, or life vest requirements (for children).

Tip #9: There are two different lazy river attractions to enjoy, but their entrances can be difficult to find, so use the directional signs/maps. Kopiko Wai Winding River is the calmer of the two rivers and it is located at the base of the volcano. The TeAwa the Fearless River requires a tube and is much faster, choppier and deeper.


Tip #10: Use the free, interactive and waterproof bracelet, TapuTapu, they hand out when you enter the park to reserve your place in line for the rides. The bracelet also unlocks interactive features throughout the park, like water canons, and can be connected to credit card to pay for things like lockers, food and drinks.

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