Fun Spot’s first and new wooden roller coaster, White Lightening, is enticing travelers to Orlando with low-cost Best Vacations Ever vacation packages.

Believe it or not, there is another theme park besides the big three in Orlando – Walt Disney World® Resort, Universal Orlando® Resort and Sea World Orlando® – that actually made one of the city’s top annual entertainment announcement lists this year: FUN SPOT’s EXPANSION!  The name says it all, but the fabulously “fun”  “spot” and popular locals’ hangout is expanding to three times it’s size by spring 2013, and to kick things off it has already launched and debuted the city’s first wooden roller coaster that plays and rides right along with the” rivaling big boys,” delivering die-hard coaster lovers a thrilling, chilling and hair-raising ride for locals and visiting Orlando travelers ready to take on Fun Spot with Best Vacations Ever’s low-cost vacation packages.

Key BVE Destinations for Top Travel Personality Types

Whatever your pleasure or travel personality, you’ll find the ideal trait-matching Best Vacations Ever destinations to suite everyone in the bunch.

When you think about your actual personality traits, you can learn a lot about your inner travel personality as well and what destinations would bring you the greatest vacation joys. Are you more laid-back, calm, unruffled, or are you more of the adventurous, outdoorsy, thrill-seeking type? Perhaps you’re even a cross-personality type, a venturer, sophisticate or history buff who is somewhere right in the middle. Listing and adhering to those personality characteristics can help you find the best places to visit and the best way to travel—sometimes a true explorer finds it more exciting to drive instead of fly, admiring numerous destinations along the way. From adventurous to romantic to intellectual, all the different types of travel personalities lead to customization of your ideal vacations

Have your most exciting family adventure to Orlando and Walt Disney World Resort with a Best Vacations Ever promotional vacation package.

Planning a family trip to Orlando can come with a lot of planning and expectations, especially when you have children. It’s easy to fall under the illustrious spell of the world’s most famous family destination, but it can also come with a lot of stress, especially when you have limited time, financial resources and several parks to visit.  With an abundance of activities, restaurants, adventures and excursions to keep even the most active travelers and families happy, it’s no wonder Orlando, Florida, is the most popular tourist destination in the world. Visiting Walt Disney World® Resort is one the main reasons traveling families journey to the Orlando, along with SeaWorld Orlando® and Universal Studios® Resort and its Wizarding World of Harry Potter and its bloody good scare at Halloween Horror Nights, filled all month long with chainsaw- wheeling cast members and numerous themed haunted houses during the whole month of October. But a week-long family vacation with trips to the major theme parks can be very expensive. For every family hoping to get the most fun out of every magical hour


You can experience the iconic Cinderella’s castle at the Magic Kingdom of Walt Disney World® Resort while on your Best Vacations Ever family vacation in Orlando, Florida.

Planning a magical family vacation to Orlando, Florida, with a focus on the theme parks of Walt Disney World® Resort? You know, it’s the perfect time, if not  done already, to make all your family holiday vacation plans, especially to Central Florida. The holiday season is one the busiest times of the year at this top family destination and its stunningly decorated Walt Disney World® Resort that features special holiday attractions, events and entertainment reserved only for the holiday season. Best Vacations Ever, a division of Preferred Guest Resorts, can make sure you get the family vacation you want at any time of the year and save you hundreds of dollars. Be sure to call 407-656-2780 for the Best Vacation Ever to Orlando, especially if this upcoming 2013-2014 holiday season. Given how many parks actually make up Walt Disney World® Resort—the Magic Kingdom® Theme Park, Disney’s Animal Kingdom® Theme Park, Disney’s Animal Kingdom® Theme Park and Epcot® (Don’t forget to check out Disney’s themed

At Wet ‘n Wild, there’s something wet, wild and wonderful for everyone in the family on a Best Vacations Ever promotional getaway to Orlando this summer.

When you think of summer, you want to get wet, especially when visiting the world’s most famous playground destination, Orlando, Florida, with season’s super-hot temperatures. In addition to the major theme parks, like Walt Disney World® Resort, Universal Orlando Resort® and SeaWorld Orlando®, there are numerous water parks and nearby beaches to have an absolute splash this summer. Amid all the big-name Orlando attractions and water parks stands the very first modern water park, Wet ‘n Wild Orlando, which now falls under the NBC Universal umbrella. It’s longevity, history, affordability, thrills and chills are what make it even more intriguing and enticing. When you book your Preferred Guest Resorts’ Best Vacations Ever promotional vacation

Marketing agencies have used promotional vacations with free accommodations to lure travelers to their resorts and properties for decades. What better way to cater to your target audience with test-drive of you property to help increase profits, repeat business and generate leads. Long ago, resorts found out quickly that it was easier to sell a customer a vacation package while they are actually experiencing it! Soon, companies like Preferred Guest Resorts (PGR)—a 30-year leader in the industry with strategic partnership—sprouted and offered special vacation packages. Preferred Guest Resorts defined itself by enhancing experiences, and forging direct partnerships with reliable resorts, condominiums, hotels, vacation homes, and strategic partners like Walt Disney World® Resort and Alamo®, to offer people greatly enhanced promotional vacation packages. Through PGR’s Best Vacations Ever, travelers get to enjoy a customized 3-7 night vacation in spectacular destinations like Orlando, Florida, with free accommodations—or a Bahamas cruise—additional or other privileged incentives like free Alamo® rental cars, attraction tickets, upgrades and much more, in exchange for participation in a fun, interactive, 90-minute presentation that shows you how to save hundreds of dollars off your future travel.

Resorts and marketing agencies have known and celebrated the numerous guest benefits of promotional vacation packages, like Best Vacations Ever, for years.

Benefits of PGR’s Promotional Best Vacations Ever Packages
•    Enjoy free accommodations in the heart of destinations like Orlando or Daytona Beach can save you hundreds of dollars off your travel budget in exchange for a 90-minute property introduction and how to save even more money on future travel.
•    Experience amazing properties firsthand for dramatically less than you’d spend on a retail vacation, especially when it comes to a family of four.
•    Customize a vacation package that meets your family’s needs.
•    Use saved lodging funds on airfare, room upgrades, extra activities and much more.
•    Improve your health with a vacation—it’s proven—with savings that open doors to plenty of rejuvenation, relaxation and health benefits.
•    See a variety of resort properties and find out how you can afford weeks like this every year or more often.
•    Experience the ultimate travel companion with Best Vacations Ever’s personal U.S.-based Travel Concierge staffed with travel agents who courteously customize trips, saving you the most money possible and providing continuous services.
•    Take advantage of extra perks and benefits to enhance your vacation like free rental cars or attractions tickets.

According to a recent news report “online complaining is the new trend.” It’s much faster and easier to be heard, and most often with false or defamatory statements.

So Why the Bad Wrap?
People like to say there’s a catch to promotional vacations, when, in fact, customers are advised from the beginning that free accommodations and perks may only be redeemed if they participate in the 90-minute presentation, with no pressure to buy anything. Preferred Guest Resorts discloses all information ahead of time via many communication channels, such as its:

  • website
  • online FAQs
  • descriptive terms
  • information-packed welcome emails
  • customer service letter streams
  • reservation center travel agents

A recent news report said the new trend is “complaining online rather than going through the company and its internal resolution processes  rather than its internal resolution processes.” It’s easier and faster to be heard, and often bolder with false or defamatory statements. Everything on the Internet IS “true,” right? (Sigh…)

Further problems often come from using other promotional vacation companies that do not adhere to the laws or do not meet the same level of standards and enhanced vacation experiences as Preferred Guest Resorts that makes sure it offers guests their Best Vacations Ever.

Try Your Best Vacation Ever
The recession actually reignited a new interest in promotional vacations, timeshares, and fractional and interval ownerships, which have become economically trendy. The most important thing to do is go with a reliable, registered company like Preferred Guest Resorts, which offers unique travel services and provides companies with promotional and incentive travel packages, as well as customer rewards with exclusively tailored incentive packages for both small and Fortune 500 companies.


What are some of your best tips and advice for taking a  promotional vacation?

Timeshares in Florida often have promotional vacation offers, in which customers are asked to give some time and attention to a presentation and introductory sales tour, in exchange for certain incentives. These promotional packages vary, and can be found on various vacation portals, such as Best Vacations Ever. But are they worth your time? Yes they are, and here are some reasons why:

  • Complimentary Accommodations: Many promotional packages offer free lodging at the same resort to which they are selling timeshares, or one that is comparable. Often these resorts are high quality, and offer more amenities than the average hotel, so a free or even discounted stay is a great value.
  • Tickets to Attractions: With prices for theme park tickets rising ever higher, a promotion that offers those tickets in exchange for a presentation is a fantastic deal. Considering that the cost for two basic tickets to Disney World is currently $170, it is definitely something worth 90 minutes of your time!
  • Other incentives: Many other gifts may be presented to you in return for your participation, including vouchers for meals, golfing, or shows, and sometimes even gift cards with cash value.

There is not much hardship to a timeshare or vacation club presentation. You are asked for approximately 90 minutes of your time, during which you may be given breakfast or other refreshments. In many cases, secure childcare is provided so that parents can tour the facility without distraction. The presentation may include a physical tour, or, in some cases, a virtual tour.

After the introductory sales tour, participants are asked questions about their vacation preferences and habits, and are asked to complete a brief survey. Once that is completed, the obligation is over, and guests are free to enjoy the rest of their vacation time! If you are interested in learning more, please visit Best Vacations Ever, or connect with us through Twitter or Facebook. You may be on your way to the vacation of your dreams!

Few activities can beat summer fun in the Florida sun.  However, overexposure to the sun’s UV rays can be dangerous to your health.  Too much UVA and UVB ray exposure leads to painfully pealing sunburns in the short-term along with wrinkles, age spots, and even possibly cancer in the long-term.  Here are some easy sun safety tips to implement during family fun vacations in Florida.

Wear Sunscreen

While you may be tempted to forego the sunscreen and come home with tropically dark skin, the long-term effects simply aren’t worth it.  Protect yourself and every member of your family with a healthy coating of 30 SPF or higher sun screen.  Every hour or two, reapply you and your children’s sunscreen, especially when swimming is involved.

Take an Umbrella to the Beach

Not only will you feel cooler in the shade of the umbrella, but you will also be protected from the harsh rays of the sun.  Spread out a beach towel and a good book, and watch the kids have fun playing their games on the beach—while wearing sunscreen, of course.

Rest in the Shade

When you are enjoying other activities aside from the beach, be sure to take breaks in the shade to cool off and prevent sun damage to your skin.  You should still be wearing sunscreen, but breaks in the shade will help you cool off as well as keeping you out of the sun.

Wear Sunglasses, a Hat, and Lip Balm

Your eyes can be damaged by the sun’s rays, so wearing sunglasses that offer 99%-100% UV ray protection is a great way to keep your eyesight protected despite long hours outside.  A hat will protect your scalp and much of the sensitive skin on your face from becoming overexposed to the sun.  Sunburned lips are no fun, so carry lip balm in your pocket that has at least 15 SPF.

Be sure you utilize all these tips for yourself and your children, since young skin requires extra protection from the sun.  After all, a blistering sunburn or two before the age of 18 has a dramatic impact on the child’s chances of developing skin cancer later in life.  These simple tips will ensure you and your family’s safety as you spend time at one of the best timeshares in Florida this year as a family.