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Affordable family vacations give you something to smile about

Affordable family vacations… an oxymoron? Not according to Best Vacations Ever! by Preferred Guest Resorts.

Turns out, the secret behind affordable family vacations is private-branded resorts. Choose to stay at private-branded resorts, like those offered by Preferred Guest Resorts’ Best Vacations Ever!, and it’s possible for you, your family, and your friends to enjoy an affordable vacation that is free from stress, worry, and inflated costs due to marketing.

When you choose to stay at major hotel brands, you are not just paying for food and shelter; you are paying for their brand recognition. What if you could get the quality and the comfort without the high costs? Major hotel brands pump up their prices because they know they can, and you pay them because you don’t know there is an alternative.

Calypso Cay Resort
Orlando’s Calypso Cay resort offers affordable fun for families and couples

Most vacation membership clubs cater to major names which have a lot to offer, but they tend to be commercial and formulaic. The small, private-label hotels and resorts, like Orlando’s Calypso Cay Resort and Bahama Bay Resort are hidden gems. They offer sincere service, unique features and better prices.

Best Vacations Ever! by Preferred Guest Resorts delivers memorable vacation experiences to all of its guests by offering:

  • A simplistic approach
  • Flexibility
  • Endless possibilities
  • Creative freedom

To give travel-lovers a taste of what these resorts have to offer, Best Vacations Ever! offers free promotional vacation packages that blow other vacation membership clubs out of the water, or should we say, off of the resort.

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Miracle vacations can come true on a fixed travel budget, especially with Best Vacations Ever.
Miracle vacations, like our rogue personal vacation, can come true on a fixed travel budget, especially with Best Vacations Ever and trips like Orlando getaways visiting Cinderella’s magical castle.

Money is the biggest issue when traveling, whether near or far destinations. Travel expenses can add up quickly, which I was recently reminded of while taken on a rogue pleasure trip (cruise) with my son. A vacation filled with a lot of Caribbean island hopping in various destinations. Receiving a certain amount of money for graduation and a fixed amount for a cruise, he desperately wanted to go on, he had to learn how to spend a fixed budget for two in the thriftiest ways. As an avid traveler, he has had access to my virtual Rolodex of travel-savings tips. By stretching and using our dollars wisely, we were actually able to do so much more than we expected by going rogue, experiencing my son’s dream-come-true location and visiting various islands and cultures he and I had always wanted to visit in more active, island invested ways rather than restricting ourselves to just one or maybe two long, often singular shore excursion per visit. Being thrifty spenders and setting a travel-budget expense for each day and a making