Black Friday, Holiday & Year-Round Low-Cost BVE Travel Packages and Tips for Planning the Perfect Vacation Gift

With your holiday gift of travel, you could see the beauty and splendor of Epcot throughout the seasons with Best Vacations Ever.

Ah, yes…tethered lights, unruly crowds with long lines, races to get the best items for gifts at low prices, and the bewilderment that comes when trying to find the perfect gifts for loved ones. You got it… Tis the season for online and in-store Black Friday and Holiday shopping, both in-stores and online, and those perilous decisions. One of the greatest and often overlooked presents for any holiday, birthday, anniversary, graduation and so much more that is available on Black Friday, Cyber Monday, all through the holiday season and all year long is the gift of a custom, up to weeklong Best Vacations Ever (BVE) promotional vacation packages provided by Preferred Guest Resorts (PGR). Extraordinary low-cost vacation packages for up to four people and with 12 months to travel. The BVE vacation packages save you hundreds of dollars off retail and even off many discounted travel rates that make for the most incredible and most shocking holiday gift of an upcoming travel vacation this spring or summer to worldwide destinations often with complimentary accommodations. You can find all the information, glorious destination, preferred accommodation selections, and fun and educational videos about PGR /BVE on, then call 800-656-2780 to talk about choosing, planning and booking your holiday gift of travel for up to four people, with up 12 months to travel. Avoid the Black Friday and holiday shopping lines, even slower Internet speeds online during such days, as wells as tchochkie gifts that sit and collect dust by calling 800-656-2780 to book your gift of a customized Best Vacations Ever trip with complimentary accommodations for up to four people for memories that will last a lifetime!

Beach vacations are one of the most magnificent Best Vacations Ever adventures for the ultimate gift to please everyone.


You can have more fun and greater use with your incredibly symbolic and treasured gift of travel to your loved ones. Dress up your vacation confirmation document in decorative paper and tightly sealed with a colorful bow, then imagine the thrill and surprise of the kids’ faces when you share that you’re going to Walt Disney World® Resort in Florida so they can see their favorite character live in action, or you’re the romance that sweeps across your cohabitating sweetheart for a romantic getaway to the tropical paradise of Costa Rica or a wine-tasting journey though Napa Valley. You can choose the ideal destination on that suits all your loved ones travel personalities. A Best Vacations Ever trip at the most affordable and low-cost travel rates – we’re talking hundreds off retail and even most holiday specials and discounts – that make for one of the very best, most affordable and incredibly thoughtful gifts you can give your loved ones that makes all their wishes come true.

Know all of your family members’ interests and travel personalities to pick out the ideal Best Vacations Ever destination.


Choosing a vacation for a couple is easy, especially with common interests, but for a family of four the task can be a little more difficult. However, with BVE,  you have access to the most comprehensive travel information portal on the BVE website with extensive Destination  information, as well as Must –Do Activities and Fast Facts pages for every BVE vacation destination, plus the assistance of PGR’s travel representatives in our U.S.-based Reservation Center. Here are a few tips to help you choose, plan and book your Best Vacations Ever holiday gift of travel:

  • Do your homework and research, especially by visiting the website at and downloading PGR/BVE videos, as well as Destination, Must-Do Activities and Fast Facts pages, all online to help you choose and put together the premier family vacation. Know your loved ones hobbies and interests and what places they have always wanted to visit and why, so you pick a destination that suits all travel personalities, such as theme-park thrill seekers, beach or foreign tropical paradise lovers, outdoor enthusiasts, golf aficionados, cultural adventurists, history buffs, cultural explorers and plenty more. If you’re unsure, call and ask one of the  travel professionals in PGR’s U.S-based reservation center about the perfect destination or multi-destination packages to please everyone in the family. PGR’s professional travel agents have customized and created Best Vacations Ever packages and traveled tens of thousands of families every year.
  • Make a mental note or hidden pad-and-paper list of answers to very subtle questions to family members, unsuspicious questions and observation interests and personality traits that will help you choose the ideal destination for everyone in the family. Share your findings with your PGR travel representative who may be able to confirm you choose or offer suggestions on amazing destinations for many different interests, as he or she customizes your family or couple’s BVE vacation.
  • Call PGR’s travel reservation center at 800-656-2780 to establish your relationship with your personal travel representative who is committed to providing you with the most extraordinary BVE vacation package to suit your family or couple’s needs.
  • Pick a destination that is not only fun and exciting but also relaxing, so you get the full health benefits of vacationing that are so important when on vacation.
  • Consider whether to fly versus drive, both economically and mentally. Roadtrips not only form long-lasting bonds between loved ones but offer scenic routes and avoidance of major crowds, long lines and hassles at the airport. Driving can also allow for as many stops to ease restless kids on long drives. Be sure to ask a PGR travel representative about PGR preferred-partner Alamo rental-car specials.  If you choose to fly, be sure to sign up for alerts and specials from a variety of airline carriers as soon as you know your destination. Along with direct routes, also consider looking at cheaper alternate airports, as well as the various airline carriers’ rates and flight routes with connecting flights that typically drop rates down even further. Also look for off-peak flight dates/days to save money on rates. NOTE: Don’t wait till the last minute or wait  too long to book your fights: The rule of thumb is to book flights at least 8 weeks out – but really it’s best to do so even further out, and smarter, if traveling during peak travel periods, especially during spring and summer.
  • If you prefer road-tripping by car to save money and some family bonding, and you’re renting a BVE preferred-partner Alamo rental car, be sure to pick your vehicle early on and book the best car that suits your group and how much luggage space you will need, and to make sure that car is available so the ride is comfortable and pleasurable, and not crammed into left-over small cars.. NOTE: Make sure that you discuss our preferred-partner Alamo rental cars with your travel representative when planning and booking your BVE adventure. You can book an Alamo car to drive to and from your home state or rent a car to use while in your destination. There’s nothing better than having a car and driving through Napa Valley’s wine country or all the coastal towns of Myrtle Beach and the Grand Strand. Have your rental car ready for pickup at your destination and have  the leisure to come and go as you please and use for exploring daytrips to outlying areas and nearby big cities – such as Orlando theme-park Central just an hour from the beach oasis of Daytona Beach, especially if your enhanced vacation package could include Walt Disney World® Resort tickets!
  • Inhale and exhale during your Black Friday and holiday shopping, and be flexible knowing that Best Vacations Ever and Preferred Guest Resorts is making you a personal priority, and is dedicated to helping you plan and book a promotional vacation package that’s easy, super travel-budget saving, and well worth your wallet and all the smiles and lifelong memories of vacations that may not otherwise be affordable or seemingly out of reach. Remember that PGR is dedicated to sharing its passion and bringing enhanced, affordable travel to the masses.
This holiday season you can find the best deals and the greatest of all gifts – the gift of travel to unimaginable places with the ethereal beauty of Costa Rica on a Best Vacations Ever money-saving adventure.


Although Best Vacations Ever packages are available year-round, it’s smart and best to book your vacation early, especially if you’re planning on spring or summer peak travel periods and vacancies that fill up quickly. There’s no better time to secure your BVE vacation and book than right now during the holiday shopping season for your spring and summer travel, and there’s no better gift than a thoughtful, love-filled vacation the whole family can enjoy and will remember for a lifetime. Plus you have the legitimacy, personal travel assistance, backing and peace of mind of Best Vacation Ever promotional vacation packages that are provided by promotional travel pioneer Preferred Guest Resorts.

For more than 30 years, Preferred Guest Resorts has spent decades perfecting, enhancing and sharing its passion for travel at the most affordable rates to the masses and tothose who may not even be able to travel otherwise, with the very best partnering with third-party resorts, hotels and properties, and slashed travel prices and typically included complimentary accommodations, as well as preferred-partner Alamo® rental-car specials, and possible complimentary attraction tickets and other privileged incentives to enhance your traveling experience. PGR’s reputation, testimonials and satisfied customers give you that peace of mind you want and deserve.

As mentioned, you can find everything you need to know on the most travel comprehensive online BVE vacation package website located at, with professional and downloadable videos to ensure the validity and legitimacy of PGR’s pioneering and enhanced promotional travel vacation packages with our worldwide destinations and preferred third-party resorts, hotels and properties. But if you don’t see what you like, ask and submit a special resort request to your PGR representative who will do the legwork for you and try to meet your desires, plus find and customize the Best Vacation Ever promotional vacation package including flight choice assistance that’s perfect for everyone, and of course, at the cheapest possible rates available.

Imagine the travel-budget savings on nightly accommodation in the heart of Napa Valley with the typically complimentary accommodations with a customized Best Vacations Ever promotional vacation package.


Avoid the holiday shopping crowds, long lines, unruly people loosing their cool, and wasted time finding the perfect gift when it is right in front of you and available on Black Friday, Cyber Monday, all through the holiday shopping special and ALL YEAR-ROUND with Best Vacations Ever. With your BVE trip booking, you’re assured accommodations with a prime location right in the heart of your chosen destination at a preferred property that is as dedicated to enhanced and satisfied vacationing guests as PGR, and willing to offer custom, up to weeklong Best Vacation Ever promotional vacation packages to entice travelers to visit. The best part of all is that these properties offer complimentary nightly rate accommodations in exchange for a simple, fun, easy, low-pressure and quick 90-minute introduction to their resort – a mere blip out of a seven-day vacation – plus a demonstration about travel club offers for avid travelers by PGR/BVE that will blow your mind and show you how to SAVE THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS on future travel. Note: Read our terms and conditions, as you must be a cohabitating couple if not a spousal family, plus some small, unrelated fees may be due at resorts, such as taxes and property amenity fees.

Family fun on incredible gifts of travel this holiday season with a Best Vacations Ever adventure.

No Catch; Just an Amazing BVE Gift of Travel

Don’t even think that promotional travel is a catch; it’s a a legitimate marketing method to get guests to their property and a modern way that well-traveled friends are even going on more vacations than you can count. PGR travels tens of thousands of satisfied travelers every year! Do the math for six free nightly accommodations in your destination. That’s quite a bit of money that stays right in your pocket and pads your travel budget. Think about it; there are many top resorts in Orlando, Florida, alone that run more than $400 a night at peak-season retail rates, not to mention Costa Rica and Mexico resorts with the dollar still probably not worth as much in foreign exchange. I’m sure you can already imagine your internal travel-budget cash register overflowing and how it will cover the cost of getting to your destination, whether flying or taking advantage of our preferred-partner Alamo weeklong rental-car specials. Note: Right now Alamo is offering a free seven-day vacation with dual destination stays in both Orlando and Daytona Beach with a weeklong rental. The hundreds in savings on accommodations is what travelers often use for transportation to there destination of choice whether flying or driving, possibly with some fun money left over if you book early enough for the best flight fares. So, pick up that phone and call PGR for planning and giving a Best Vacations Ever holiday gift of travel at 800-656-2780 and take advantage of the lowest lodging costs, typically free, and the very best of vacations that will make everyone’s Christmas and have them jumping for joy!

Have you ever received a holiday gift of travel and how did it make you feel?


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