All Co-Habitating Couples and Families Can Travel With PGR’s Best Vacations Ever

Ever since Preferred Guest Resorts (PGR) opened its doors over 30 years ago, it has catered to and provided incredible promotional vacations to a much larger audience, and shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, creed, gender, gender expression, age, national origin (ancestry), disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or military status, in any of its activities or operations. PGR has strategically cherry-picked the finest of destinations and established third-party partnerships with properties that share PGR’s goal and dedication to enhanced travel and budget–friendly Best Vacations Ever promotion travel opportunities for families and co-habitating couples to enjoy a tremendous vacation while being introduced to these premier properties.


Preferred Guest Resorts and its Best Vacations Ever promotional vacation packages provide enhanced travel opportunities for co-habitating couples and families, regardless of race, color, creed, sexual orientation, etc.

PGR’s Best Vacations Ever promotional vacation packages provide marketing and reservation services for many third-party resorts around the country that are a part of its select partners and are enhanced by PGR’s accommodating travel vendors, like Alamo® rental cars and Walt Disney World Resort®. These promotional offers typically include a subsidized hotel stay with free accommodations at a third-party resort, free car rentals or complimentary theme park tickets, saving families and co-habiting couples hundreds of dollars off retail prices in exchange for a free, fun and informative 90-minute presentation and introduction to these preferred properties. For more information and full terms and conditions, please call one of our Best Vacations Ever travel agents at 800-656-2780 and visit where you can also download educational and informative videos about our promotional vacations – some of which are multi-destinational and up to a week long with enhanced incentives like Alamo rental cars and/or theme park tickets, as well as complimentary accommodations that save you and your partner hundreds of dollars of retail travel costs.

Avid family travelers and couples are looking for that special destination and property to call their own and at amazingly low prices, preferably at one of the third-party properties that PGR’s Best Vacations Ever services. Through our promotional vacations you and your partner and/or family have the opportunity to exclusive, premier, enhanced, low-cost travel opportunities with your Best Vacations Ever adventure that can make your vacation dreams come true.

One of the primary terms an conditions of the promotional vacation offer at any one of our PGR third-party resorts is the provision that a couple must be married or be traveling as a co-habitating couple with simple proof of shared residency, which opens the doors to a much larger group of travelers so you can have your Best Vacations Ever adventure. The co-habitation requirement of the promotion requires that both individual parties within a household must travel and participate in the promotion together is in place to prevent the abuse of this type of promotional package for bachelor or bachelorette parties, business trips or conventions, which purposefully disregard the purpose of the promotional vacation package.

Other such conditions such as minimal household income are also clearly stated in the terms of the offer in order to bring our third-party resorts the target audiences they are seeking. Rest assured that PGR ensures that the terms and conditions are clearly provided in the offer for your property and communicated through Best Vacations Ever servicing agents, which you can call at 800-656-2780.


Modern families can enjoy the extraordinary adventures with Best Vacations Ever!

PGR’s  important terms and conditions ensure that its third-party properties get the qualified co-habitating couples and families most sought after — many broad target audiences. PGR and its Best Vacations Ever can provide memorable vacations and entice avid co-habitating travelers looking for a summer or winter vacation “home” or a place to create repeating yearly vacation memories the opportunity to enjoy a brief 90-minute resort introduction that’s required as part of an up to weeklong vacation, and possibly find a treasured vacation ownership plan. Planning a vacation with Best Vacations Ever provides you and your spouse or co-habitating partner with an amazing, incentivized promotional vacation with complimentary accommodations located in the heart of the action of many premier destinations just to come check out their property. Booking with Best Vacations Ever at 800-656-2780 just may find you the destination of your dreams and a second place to call home for lifelong  family-building and bonding memories, and of course incredible, enhanced vacations at extremely low costs that pad your travel budget. Who knows….maybe you can squeeze in two vacations this year with money saved that goes a long way on a family or couples’ travel budget!


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