Don’t be among the lot that tires easily while looking at your friend’s summer vacation pictures. Be the lot that posts the pictures themselves. Here are some of the reason why taking that much deserved vacation once a year matters.

Get Your Head in the Game

Chronic stress is a real thing and can do a lot of damage which results in underperformance at work. Without a break you can easily feel blocked and not be in top shape to tackle important projects. Therefore, it is a part of preparing yourself for opportunities at work to give yourself a break, so that you are focused when you need it most.

All Work no Play

Sure, hard work is important for your success but so is hard play. We bet nobody told you that! That does put to sleep the mystery of why the CEO of Netflix, Reed Hastings, is one of the first people running a major business to offer unlimited vacation time.

Strengthening Relationships

Spending some quality time with your family at a resort rental can make a lot of difference in your relationship. Shared experiences always forge stronger bonds, and memories of the times when you are there for them, even if you are busy with your hectic job most of the year.

Work Martyrs Aren’t Real Martyrs

Work martyrdom stems from the belief that no one can do the work you are capable of. You want to show complete dedication to your work, and you don’t want others to think you are replaceable. There are so many things that can be learned from the negative results of work martyrdom. The truth is that a work martyr does not have means to deal with the guilt that comes with taking time off.

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All vacations are meant to be well captured and covered in beautiful photos. Having lots of photos reminds us of our wonderful vacation. To many, though, taking great vacation photos is always a challenge. But, you don’t want to return from your vacations with sub-par photos that you’ll regret.

Your best vacations ever are incomplete without taking the best vacation photos. Here are a few tips and tricks to take the most memorable family vacation photos.

Shoot like a Pro

Before taking any photo, ensure the tilt of the camera is right. Except you want to capture something that will quickly disappear from view, take your time before you shoot. However, if you feel the environment is not being captured to desired effect, try different angles. Take several photos of the same scene or people at a time, with some better than others.

Shoot to tell a story

Your vacation is a story. Instead of capturing random moments, shoot in a manner that all photos when brought together tell the story of your holidays.

Capture incredible environments or sceneries

Your vacation will bring you in contact with some unbelievably beautiful sceneries. These sights are great photo opportunities that should be captured, if possible with a family member in the background. Some that come to mind include the sunset, changing weather, and just any beautiful environment you find yourself.

Take photos when others are unaware

Some of the best photos are captured when those in it are unaware they are being captured. Some treasured moments are too important to pass up, and these are best captured while everyone just goes about their normal business.

Pass the camera around

If you brought along only one camera, be sure to pass along the camera from person to person. When going through the family photos from a vacation, you want to re-live the moments and feel the emotions from the moment over again. While it is great to capture beautiful sceneries, it is even more beautiful to have persons in it. Take great face shots in exciting locations.

Include the details

In vacation photography, bigger is not always better. Macro photography displays mundane beauty, tinier details will make for great photo additions. Beautiful flowers, lush landscape, captivating birds and butterflies. There are just too many tiny details you don’t want to leave behind.

Night time does not always need flash

Your time out on vacation will always bring you out in the night. When it does, you do not want to always make use of camera flash. Flash captures only up to about 5 ft in the night, and can disturb rather than improve your photo. Instead, use the night light to great effect and acquaint yourself with long exposure photography.

It is always important to capture as many photos as possible in your family vacation. You do not want to lose important memories due to poor photography. But, you do not need to have great photography skills to capture your best moments. Your best vacations ever become even better with great photographs.

Vacationing outside of your comfort zone always comes along with certain challenges. The joys that come along with an entire vacation – right from the careful selection of the vacation destination all the way to the choice of a lodge and subsequent trip, can all be ruined by a moment of negligence, carelessness, or both.

We’ve all heard gruesome tales that accompany tourists who travel abroad. Personally, I’ve encountered a few near-miss situations myself. However, keeping a few helpful tips in mind could be invaluable.

  1. Try blending into the environment: Many different things make tourist stand out from the locals as different. Once identified as a tourist, you could easily become a target for hoodlums and criminals. To avoid becoming an easy prey, dress as much as possible to fit into the environment and avoid the use of fanny packs everywhere you go. Certain countries have dress laws, while every environment has an unspoken dress code, find that out before leaving your hotel.
  2. Use minimal Jewelry: This pretty much explains itself. You do not need to wear expensive jewelry while on vacation. It’s all the better if you can do without wearing any. If, however, you feel a need to put on jewelry, use less flashy ones that do not scream for attention, or wear an imitation that wouldn’t be much of a loss if stolen. Vacation is an adventure; purchase and use a local accessory that makes you fit in better.
  3. Know your environment: This is always difficult considering you only just arrived and most likely need a map for everywhere you choose to go. Still, it is imperative that you are as aware as possible of where you came from, and where you are going. Study your map as much as possible and always have a copy handy. Do not forget to always carry a hotel card.
  4. Be observant of your surroundings: Negligence is the fastest route to danger in any unknown environment. You want to take note of those around you and their activities. While your actions should not border on paranoia, you want to be as observant as possible without giving yourself off as a very nervous tourist.
  5. Be careful of overly nice persons: Except you are in your hotel or resort rental and are being attended to by a customarily nice member of staff, you do not want to trust persons who unnecessarily try to familiarize themselves with you. True, you can find sincere friends among this bunch, but this is a well-used scam ploy you want to avoid.
  6. Guard your wallet: You do not want to lose your cash and/or credit card to a pick pocket or to a thief. A simple trick is to carry a “fake” wallet in your back pocket, while safeguarding your wallet with all of your money and credit cards in your front pocket. You might also consider separating your cash and into different pockets or money clips to reduce the risk of a total loss.
  7. Duplicate your passport: Make up to 2 duplicate copies of your passport. Leave a copy with a friend, carry a copy around if you need to, and keep the actual passport in your hotel safe.
  8. Inform a friend or family of your itinerary: Letting someone know your plans (destination, travel route, and expected return time) is always a great idea.
  9. Keep your senses sharp: Avoid excessive drinking that dulls your judgement and leaves you as an easy prey. Have a good time just enough to keep you fully aware of your actions.
  10. Use common sense: Any offer that seems too good to be true, most likely is. Be careful of those with whom you strike deals. Make use of reputable agencies, bring along as much of the local currency as is necessary, use credit cards in reliable places, use the ATM only in open places, be careful of who you ask questions, and take note of and avoid high risk environments.

Every possible tourist destination has its own peculiarities. However, we realize that the best vacations ever in unfamiliar shores is only a product of careful planning and environmental awareness. From your resort rental to your various sight-seeing destinations, always be friendly with the locals.

Rest, relax, and catch some fun. That is the primary purpose of any vacation. But, it’s not uncommon for normal sleep patterns to get disrupted while away on vacation. This can be due to a number of varying reasons, but the primary factor always remains a change in environment, and sleeping in an unfamiliar bed. Eventually, as you come to terms with the nature of the bed, you are better able to catch a good night’s sleep.

Interestingly, regardless of your destination and changes you’ll have to accommodate, proper preparation could eliminate any disturbance, ensuring you sleep as comfortably as possible from your flight till the very end of one of your best vacations ever. We’ve compiled a few helpful tips you’d have to keep in mind while preparing for any vacation.

  1. Carefully select your lodgings: You definitely do not want to find yourself in a hotel that’s close to an airport or just by the roadside (at least, if your house isn’t in such a locale). Beyond that, you’ll also have to consider the guest rooms of your desired hotel or preferred resort rental to ensure the setting is one suitable enough for your sleep setting.
  2. Set yourself up like you’re home: We all get accustomed to certain sleep ‘environments’. So, feel free to accommodate you pillow and/or beddings that make you feel at home, giving you the routine feel your body craves. Packing along your regular room spray or including easy-to-carry artworks or pictures is also a great way to keep you relaxed, with a feel of home.
  3. Be prepared with sleep inducing, noise blocking materials: No, this does not necessarily mean drugs. It’s not always easy getting a room free from all forms of noise and disturbance. While you might get away from construction or possible vehicle disturbances, noise from the room beside yours could easily inhibit your sleep as well. Taking along a sleep mask and earplugs could be just the required tonic to keep the noise and light away, while you enjoy a peaceful rest.
  4. Employ white noise: Some modern hotel rooms are fitted with a white noise machine that fills the room with noise-cancelling sound to help you sleep more easily. Similarly, android and iOS apps exist for this purpose. If you deem it too expensive to invest in, and if your hotel lacks one, a bedside radio or softly playing music could be the right tonic to drown out the noise from outside the room.
  5. Maintain your sleep/evening routine: You probably already have a regular sleep routine which you follow on a daily basis, such as reading or quiet meditation. Adopting similar routines while away from home gets you comfortable, letting you slip away into a sleep mood you are accustomed with.
  6. Eat right: Vacations always make room for exceptions. However, eating or drinking too much could further inhibit your sleep. Always eat light before bed. Too much alcohol or calories close to bedtime could keep you tossing and turning on the bed through the night.
  7. Forget about the time: You want to give yourself plenty of time to adjust to the environment and sleep. Going to bed earlier than normal would give you enough time to do just that. You’d also want to avoid staring at the clock, wondering when you’ll fall asleep as this can make you restless, and further affect your chances.

Your sleep pattern could just be the difference between a stressful or awful vacation and one of your best vacations ever. Applying these simple trusted tips is a sure way of getting you as rested as possible while enjoying a wonderful vacation.

Vacations are an ideal time to rest and take a break from just about everything. This usually also means a break from your fitness and workout sessions, with relaxation the primary idea of any vacation. Thus, keeping in shape while on vacation can at times feel like an unwanted chore. Whatever your preferred destination is – a comfy resort rental or a luxurious hotel with a stunning view – striking the balance between your fitness and your downtime could just turn your vacations into one of the best vacations ever. Here, wecome up with some useful fitness tips to keep the blood pumping, without disrupting the feel of leisure you crave.

  1. Take a Walk:This is one of the most leisurely exercise you could embark on while on a vacation. A walk through a theme park, a hike through the woods, or a walk through your host environment is a sure way to burn off some fat,while enjoying the view of some nerve relaxing sceneries. To make this more effective, you could strap on a pedometer and count your steps.
  2. Book with fitness in mind: When booking a hotel to lodge, choose only those that host a gym center or those not too far off from one. Waking up at the crack of dawn to visit a gym will easily let you keep up with your daily routine. Keeping workout sessions light while on vacation is always ideal.
  3. Eat smart:Okay, as someone who values fitness, you probably have an eating pattern which you follow religiously. Vacation is not an excuse to go crazy with your feeding habits. Do not throw away all of your hard work by eating recklessly.
  4. Get creative:Not all hotels or resort rentals have a functioning gym, nor do they all have one of such close-by. If you find yourself in such a place, get creative with workout sessions from within your room. You do not necessarily need a gym or yoga studio to have a good workout session. Fortunately, the internet is rife with videos of creative in-house sessions that you could adapt to your situation.
  5. Make fitness fun: Swimming, sky diving, mountain climbing, etc. Activities of these nature let you burn off some fat, while giving you a swell time.

Vacation is meant to be fun and relaxing – a time to take a much-needed break from all of the stressand hasslesof life. A rigorous workout session can be very draining, leaving you stressed, thus killing off the very idea behind a vacation. However, if you just decide to flow through the motions, you’ll find yourself having so much fun undoing all of the hard work you have previously put in to attain a great fitness level.

Therefore, it is important to adopt an equally relaxing fitness regime that is strong enough to keep you in desired shape, but light enough to leave you feeling fulfilled on one of your best vacations ever.

Best Vacations Ever offers you an dream-come true vacation with complimentary accommodations in Orlando and its free access to Disney Springs.
Best Vacations Ever is a dream-come true vacation with complimentary accommodations in Orlando. Enjoy free access to Downtown Disney, which is tons of fun for locals and visitors looking for more fun while on a travel budget.

Just off work and settled on the sofa one Friday night watching TV, my 19-year-old son zips by, keys in hand, and proclaims he’s heading out with friends. Maternally, of course, I ask, “Where ya headed? Catching me off guard, he says “Disney.” Even though I know better, I question, “To the parks???” “Nooooo,” he laughs, “To the Disney Boardwalk!”

It made me think about how lucky we are to live in Orlando, and that he and his friends have these amazing places like Disney Boardwalk and Downtown Disney to go to and have fun at Disney attractions with or without money to spend. It also made me think about all the free Disney activities Orlando travelers can do to

You can set off some pretty spectacular fireworks of your own saving while bargain shopping at Orlando's finest shopping centers and malls.
You can set off some pretty spectacular fireworks of your own saving while bargain shopping at Orlando’s finest shopping centers and malls.

Beyond the beaches and theme parks, there are a quite a few places in Orlando where fashionistas get to snuggle up with Gucci, Prada, Michael Kors, Tiffany, Versace, Valentino, Kenneth Cole and so many more high-end fashion stores while their hubbies or life partners play a round of golf or spend a day doing something they love. Though some men dig it it, too, especially when they get bargain priced Nike shoes and a pair of Rayban glasses. The one problem between you and that coveted Dooney & Bourke bag or a Chanel dress are the big-ticket prices. Luckily, while on your Best Vacations Ever (BVE) ( adventure trip to

Sit back and enjoy your vacation with these packing tips for travel lovers
Sit back and enjoy your vacation with these packing tips for travel lovers

Vacation is a time for relaxing, forgetting your worries, and leaving your stresses behind. Unfortunately, pre-vacation ends up being a time of high-stress and last-minute panic attacks. You have to go to the bank, stop by the bookstore, buy a new swim suit, print out your boarding passes, and then go back to the store because you forgot to buy sunscreen. Oh, and then there’s packing. We can’t help with your errands, but we can help you pack.

Try these packing tips for travel to lighten your load and hopefully lessen your stress.

  • First and foremost, start packing a few days before your trip. Rush packing lends itself to the overstuffing of unnecessary items.
  • Check the weather so you’re not tempted to bring your whole closet “just in case” it gets hot or cold.
  • Call the hotel to see if they provide towels, blow dryers, and other toiletries. No need to double up.
  • Find out if the resort has a laundry room on site. If they do, put half of your outfits back in their drawers.
  • Choose a comfortable outfit to travel in that you can wear again during your trip.
  • Roll your clothes, don’t fold them.
  • Bring a multi-purpose electronic. No need to bring your iPod, laptop, and your Kindle if you have a device that serves all three purposes.
  • Color coordinate. If your tops and bottoms are in the same color family or they at least complement each other, you can mix and match your way through your vacation.
  • Wear your walking shoes and pack your flip flops. Flats and sandals take up less room in your bag.
  • Use your beach bag as a carry on.
  • And don’t forget to leave room for souvenirs!

Best Vacations Ever! by Preferred Guest Resorts wants you to have the best vacation ever, and part of that includes giving you all of the information you need to make the best of it.  These packing tips for travel are meant to do just that.