Creating a family plan can ensure you all have your Best Vacation Ever!

Traveling is always an exciting adventure, especially when children are part of the crew. It can be difficult to balance fun and safety, especially when you or your child may be in a place where you don’t know the people, the layout or the laws.  Before your trip, create a family plan of action in case of emergencies. Preferred Guest Resorts sends tens of thousands of satisfied happy travelers every year. Call your agent at 407-656-2780 so he/she can provide family traveling tips when customizing your Best Vacations Ever at hundreds of dollars in savings with free promotional accommodations and other possible incentives. Of course, every destination presents its own set of unique challenges, but here are a few safety rules you can take care of in advance that apply wherever you go for a fun and super safe family-friendly vacation:

1. Plan the Vacation Together

Be realistic when planning your vacation destinations. Preferred Guest Resorts’ agents at 407-656-2780 are skilled to help you find the perfect Best Vacations Ever destination itinerary that meets the needs of everyone in the family.  It seems like common sense, but sometimes mishaps happen when planning a trip with grandma and the kids, and good intentions go awry. Your vacations will be much more fun and most memorable if you plan the family vacation together, and read some about our fun activities and destinations on Have each family member weigh in on where to go and why, then review your choices. Best Vacations Ever promotional packages include a slew of options that offer adventures for everyone in the family, from the youngest baby and kid to adults and grandparents. Call your Preferred Guest Resorts’ reservation agent at 407-656-2780 for help planning an itinerary that suits the needs of everybody in your group so that the whole group has their Best Vacation Ever.

2. Set Ground Rules

Establish rules for family members before you even leave on your trip. Talk about the dangers and obstacles that may be faced in such a destination, and how you expect the family to act accordingly. This can be as simple as a young toddler being told never to let go of Mommy or Daddy’s hand, to older teenagers travel around in pairs and be home to the hotel by 11 pm. Of course, this includes being in constant communication and calling if detoured from getting back on time (see #4).

3. Create Family Plan

Establish a family plan of action for the most common family travel troubles: a lost family member, getting separated or an injured child. Give each person a specific task – even toddlers can learn to grab onto Mom or Dad, dial 911, or look for somebody official like a police office or a retailer with a name tag when repeatedly taught. Practice each scenario at home until everybody knows what he or she needs to do in an emergency situation.

4. Set Up Family Cell Phones

Cell phones, pre-set with family phone numbers, can be a life saver and ideal way to ensure constant communication on your Best Vacations Ever.

Make sure each person in the family has a cell phone, even young children can have a prepaid phone with minutes for emergencies that is pre-set to dial Mom or Dad. Program each family member’s names and numbers, along with their identifying picture if capable, into each phone so everyone knows how to reach each other at all times. Establish a family code word that signals when someone is in trouble that only the family would know. Make sure to call your cell-phone provider to ensure they know when you will be out of town at where to ensure you have no roaming charges. Many companies will pro-rate additional services for the time away.

5. Stash Everyone With Cash

Pack each person’s pockets with enough cash in case of emergencies and separation. There’s nothing worse than feeling stranded without any money or knowing how to get home. Cab drivers know where almost all hotels are or can GPS them if provided the address. Also be sure to call your bank and let them know the days you will be in what countries and when, so they don’t assume your card was stolen and cut if of fearing fraud.

6. Take Daily Family Photos

A picture truly is worth 1,000 words, especially when you’re in a different destination. Collect and bring current family photos of each person in your party in case of an emergency. Better yet, before heading out to explore each day, snap a photo of family members on your cell phone. That way, if someone should get lost, especially a child,  you have a current photo with the exact clothing and hairstyles they were wearing that day.

7. Assign Family-Member Roles

Designate each person to have a role during the trip, which may include one person counting heads each day, another for buying the day’s tickets, safety monitor, or older teens being responsible for younger children while you attend to a baby or more emergent parental issues. Enforce responsibility and accountability for family members when it comes to traveling to a new destination. Be responsible for each other always, ad never let younger and never let younger children go to the restroom alone, since they may get lost on the way back to a table or gathering spot.

Cinderella’s Castle at Walt Disney World Resort can be a great meeting spot when family members and/or groups get separated, if visiting Orlando, Florida, on a Best Vacations Ever family trip.

8. Designate a Safety Spot For Each Attraction

Wherever you go on your family trip, immediately identify a “safety spot” that everyone knows to go to immediately if they should get separated or lost from the group. Pick a public, highly visible, easy-to-find central spot like a fountain in a square, a large statue, a lobby in a museum or a restaurant café, so that younger children kind easily find it and remain in a safe open space. Remind younger children to seek help only from a police officer or a retailer at a store wearing a name tag, and if they have their cell phone, to call you immediately.

9. Use the Old Fashioned Buddy System

It works just as well for adults as it does for children. Require that young children hold the hand of either Mom or Dad or an assigned responsible teen at all times, especially in crowded areas or getting on certain transportation. Even have teens hold the back of a parent’s shirt. A hands-on approach ensures the family sticks together in the tightest of situations and no one strays from the pack or gets left behind.

Traveling with children should be exciting with the greatest lifelong memories, never a concern or worry. In fact it can be one of your Best Vacation Ever and greatest family memories, especially if you take a proactive, pre-planning approach with the strong peace of mind that comes from the 30-plus years as travel industry leader that Preferred Guest Resorts can offer. Best Vacations Ever, a PGR company, has done part of the legwork for you, offering a wide variety of family-friendly destinations and cruises that meet everyone’s hopes and dreams for a memorable family vacation with reliable, premium family-friendly vendors in everything from budget hotels, luxury resorts and vacation timeshare rentals. For more, information, please visit and download numerous informative videos about PGR and BVE. Then call your Preferred Guest Resort reservation agent for any questions you may have and help customizing, creating and planning your Best Vacation Ever!  Save so much money with the free accommodations provided with promotional vacationing that you may be able to afford at least two vacations this year!


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