Have a splash in the Florida sun on a Best Vacation Ever adventure in Daytona Beach.

Beach vacations are one of the number one getaway choices for couples and families alike, especially the tropical atmosphere of Daytona Beach, Florida, and its close proximity to Orlando, which is just an easy hour away. A beach vacation conjures up of images of a tropical, laid-back atmosphere, pristine sands perfect for jogging and the kids’ castle-building, soothing surfs, the East Coast’s best waves for surfing, swaying palms, gentle ocean breezes, glorious sunsets, seaside spa treatments and massages to release pent-up stress, adventurous water sports and coastal adventures, casual to gourmet dining amid the oceanfront, sea cruises, and tiki huts dishing out umbrella-clad tropical spirits and appetizers like freshly caught shrimp and palette-tempting Key-West–style coconut shrimp. Go ahead….Trust the tens of thousands of beach lovers that have traveled to Daytona Beach on a Preferred Guest Resorts’ Best Vacations Ever adventure year-round for its tropical beach atmosphere and plentiful adventures. The sea-salt air and “no worries” lifestyle and attitude of Daytona Beach are not only infectious; they’re therapeutic, almost instantly squandering any stresses you’ve been bearing for complete mental and physical wellness. From mild to wild, Daytona Beach is full of every adventure for every type of traveling personality, and Best Vacations Ever (BVE) can give you that magical, much lower-cost vacation in a tropical paradise that you’ve been dreaming of for much less than retail rates or even some of the most discounted prices offered. After calling 800-656-2780 to book your affordable family or cohabitating couple’s vacation, and you’re ready to hit the beach, here are a few beach-day tips that Best Vacations Ever has put together to help make sure you are prepare on your custom vacation to Daytona Beach.

Plan ahead and pick up what you need for happy and healthy days out on the beach in Daytona on your Best Vacations Ever trip

Planning Tips for a Day on the Beach

  1. Consider getting a light tan, using sunscreen so you slowly brown first not burn, before your trip to Daytona Beach. You do not want to risk a terrible sunburn with winter white skin that is very susceptible to burning quickly and easily in the strong Florida sun, and can often ruin a beach vacation on day one.
  1. Choose and buy a cheap, hearty beach bag at Target, Kmart or Wal-Mart that either doubles as your carry-on or lays flat in your suitcase. Considering how cheap they are, you could also wait to buy a really good beach bag in a beach city as a souvenir when you get to Daytona Beach. Make sure it’s big enough for all the items you have to take with you, such as water frozen bottles so they last and stay colder longer, sunscreen, beach towels, entertainment items, and waterproof covers for phones and electronics. (See number 3 for cheap tips!)
  1. Pack light- or bright-colored bathing suits, baggies and cover-ups, which actually protect from the sun’s rays (dark color like black draw the sun rays and you’ll surely feel the extra heat). Also pick up a really good pair of flip-flops for everyone in the family. The Florida sun gets the sand extremely hot in the summer afternoon,s and your feet will feel like they are walking on fire during very hot summer days. TIP: You don’t need to wear flip-flops while strolling along the shoreline, plus it helps avoid splashing others.
  1. Stock up on 30-SPF waterproof sunscreen while in Daytona Beach (again, while in Daytona to save luggage room and they’re more readily available and more inexpensively at Wal-Mart, Kmart or Target discount shopping centers). Be sure to reapply often while out in the sun. Even though it maybe water-and sweat-proof, it does wear off and needs reapplication after excessive swimming, playing in the sand or toweling off. Never go out in the harsh Florida sun without sunscreen in the summer especially, and don’t neglect those hard-to-reach spots and your back, with the help of others, and make sure to also coat the tops of your feet, back of neck/hairline and your ears, as well as careful application to the eye lids. These often-neglected areas burn easily, especially with sun glaring off the sand and water. And don’t forget your lips! Make sure to also grab a really good, protective SPF-based lip balm. The sun and salt can really dry out and chap your lips, or cause some people fever blisters from sensitivity or burning.
  1. Stay hydrated by packing a cooler or having enough water and hydration drinks like Gatorade, as well as juice boxes and Pedialyte for the kids, to stay hydrated.  This is especially important for winter birds from up north: The cool seawater and ocean breezes can be deceiving and you can dehydrate easily in the hot Florida sun. As mentioned, pack frozen water bottles so they stay cooler and longer. TIP: If your kids insist on juice, add some water or Gatorade/Pedialyte to the juice to enhance its hydration effects.
  1. Pack light sets of clothing for everyone to change into after a day on the beach if visiting public beaches that usually have changing rooms. It will allow you to go from beach to Boardwalk without going back to the room.
  1. If the bottom of the ocean is too rough or you plan on any aggressive water sports adventures that require them, pick up a pair of inexpensive water shoes at Wal-Mart, Kmart of Target for everyone who needs or wants them.
  1. Plan ahead to protect your electronics while on the beach. TIP: plastic sandwich baggies are a cheap great way of protecting phones and cameras, and gallon size Ziploc bags are good for tablets. Make sure your electronic reader has a cover that protects it from blowing sand due to offshore winds and people who may run by spraying sand on you as they speed by. Many beachside shops sell fancy waterproof gadget covers but at a higher costs. Though, some of the seriously waterproof gadgets like an ID, credit card and money holders that you wear around your neck are a great idea when jet skiing and more.
  1. Make sure everyone has a waterproof watch or takes it off and store it in the room so everyone is on a time, and you have family plan.  Sea-salt water and sand are very harsh on many watches even water-resistant watches. This one watch can also be stored in a plastic baggie for protections and safety purposes.
  1. Plan on beach toys for the kids like buckets, shovels and Frisbees, but do not pack them. They are quite cheap at several beach stores in Daytona Beach and worth dumping or donating to incoming families before heading back home.
  1. Protect your and your loved ones eyes with good pairs of UV protective sunglasses. The sun causes glares as it bounces off the sand and the water, and it can be quite painful to the eye, especially light-colored eyes. Sunglasses are your best friend in bright sun.
  1. Carry straw mats or a large beach blanket to lounge on if you don’t want to buy and lug around beach chairs.
  1. Bring things to entertain you while on the beach, such as a portable radio or MPS Players, electronic readers, books and magazines.
  1. Bring baggies of snacks and foods that won’t perish, unless they are in a cheap Styrofoam cooler. Longer days on the beach would benefit from a cooler and packed sandwiches, snacks and drinks, especially if you have children. Playing on the beach is hard work, and you may work up an appetite too! TIP: Encourage children to drink water and drinks like Gatorade to stay hydrated. When playing in the refreshing water it almost masks any feelings of dehydration.
  1. Make sure if you or a loved one has a balding head to coat the entire are and ears and back of neck with high SPF sunscreen and even better, consider a good beach hat. Trendy beach hats for men and women can be found in many Daytona Beach boutiques and Kmart, Wal-Mart or Target discount shopping centers.
  1. Watch the weather before heading out to the beach, and be prepared. Afternoon thunderstorms are common in Florida’s summertime. Look for the tides, temperatures, rip-current conditions and any possible alerts, like higher levels of jellyfish which sting! Teach your children what they look like and to NEVER touch and to avoid any jellyfish, no matter how “cool” they may look because a sting is quite painful. If deceivingly harsh rip currents are high, swim near a lifeguard station and, to be safe, swim a buddy, which is always the best way whenever in the ocean.


Daytona Beach is full of adventures on and off the water.

Low-Cost Vacationing in Paradise…and Two-in-One Vacations

Check out the website, bestvacationsever.com, for educational videos about BVE’s custom promotional vacations and read the Daytona Fast Facts and Must–Do Activities pages linked from the Daytona Destination page to find out why Daytona Beach is your beach vacation destination, for individuals, cohabitating couples and families alike. Call a travel representative at 800-656-2780 to find out more about Daytona Beach and PGR’s incredible promotional travel packages that pad your travel budget. Provided by Preferred Guest Resorts, the most affordable Best Vacations Ever promotional vacation typically include complimentary accommodations and/or attraction tickets, as well as PGR’s preferred-partner Alamo® rental cars so you can explore the vast region — hundreds of attractions from sedate to high-octane like the famous International Speedway and Richard Petty Ride Alongs that are all cradled among Daytona Beach’s hearty menu of attractions, as well as the  easy one-hour, one highway drive west to Orlando for a day at the theme parks, such as Walt Disney World® Resort and Universal Orlando® Resort. If a “Beauty and the Beach” vacation is in your mind, Best Vacations Ever and Preferred Guest Resorts can take good care of that, too. Just imagine how much money you can save visiting two of the top destinations in the world for less than the cost of one retail vacation package. Even better, calling one of our Best Vacations Ever travel representatives at 800-656-2780 is a formidable step in the design of a custom BVE vacation package for you and your loved ones that includes a few days stay in both Orlando and Daytona for thevery best of both worlds. Relaxation and low-cost vacations in paradise is just a phone call away.

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