Make Way for Universal Studio’s Newest Theme Park, Volcano Bay!

Saying Goodbye to a Classic, Making Way for a Legend

A visit to a water park can make a trip to Orlando (or any destination!) one of your Best Vacations Ever. Last year we said goodbye to Wet’n Wild Orlando – a 30-acre Disney landmark that had a near 40-year run at the Universal Orlando Resort.  While many were sad to see Wet’n Wild close, we all knew that the happiest place on earth wasn’t going to leave us longing for a water park within Universal Studios. Best Vacation Ever seeker, get ready for Universal Studio’s Volcano Bay!


Universal Studio’s Volcano Bay, opening May 25, 2017, will occupy an astonishing 53 acres of the park with an impressive 18 overall attractions for guests of all ages. The theme throughout the park is that of Polynesian culture and geography and the centerpiece of the park is the Krakatau. The Krakatau is a 200-foot volcano that displays mesmerizing waterfalls by day, and enigmatic lava flows at night. Volcano Bay has four themed areas throughout its sprawling landscape to suit everyone in your group; Krakatau, Wave Village, River Village, and Rainforest Village.



The Krakatau is the heart of Volcano Bay, and within it are attractions almost as impressiveas the volcano itself. Grab three friends and embark on a journey through the Krakatau in you canoe on the Aqua Coaster, or hop onto a manta ray-shaped mat and descend down four lanes through the caves under the lagoon on the Punga Racers. The Krakatau houses three body slides including theKo’okiri Body Plunge, a water slides that takes the rider through the center of the volcano viaa125-foot drop at a 70-degree angle!


Wave Village

At the base of the mighty Krakatau is where adults will enjoy basking in the sun and cooling off in the two wave pools of Waturi Beach. The larger of the two wave pools features bigger swells, while the smaller of the two provides gentle crests for those looking to relax in the waves. Rent a one or two-story cabana to get out of the sun and enjoy an afternoon (or full-day!) of repose!


River Village

River Village has something for visitors of any age and excitement level. A water park is nothing without an easy-going inner tube ride, and the Kopiko Wai WindingRiverwill not disappoint. Riders on this lazy river will float through a series of caves and the Krakatau, and take in the beauty of a starry night sky in the middle of the afternoon. The Tot Tiki Reefisspecifically designed for toddlers, while the Runamukka Reefis geared towardsmiddle-aged kids who will enjoy blasting their playmates with water guns.


Rainforest Village

If exhilarating thrill rides are what makes your Best Vacation Ever, The Rainforest Village is designed for you! This section of Volcano Bay houses three multi-passenger raft slides – with Maku Puihi Round RaftRides as the highlight. Six passengers will hop aboard the rafts and choose one of two paths. Regardless of the path chosen, you will float through the darkness and experience drops and turns that will make you feel weightless. Crossover a rope bridge to embark on the Ohno Drop Slidewith a six-foot plunge into the water below, or hop aboard a raft and onto TeAwa The Fearless River – a ride that simulates white water rafting!


No Time Wasted Waiting

The TapuTapu wristband is going to help make your trip to Universal Studio’s Volcano Bay one of your Best Vacations Ever! The TapuTapu notifies you when it’s your turn to ride,eliminating the number one thing people dread about visiting theme parks – waiting in line! The TapuTapu wristbands also unlockspecial hidden features and displays throughout the park. Upon entering the park each visitor is outfitted with a TapuTapu that they wear for the duration of their stay.


Let’s Go!

Multi-daytickets for Volcano Bay, Islands of Adventure, and Universal Studios are on sale now and start at $235 per person for admission to one park per day over three days, and the famous Park Hopper Option starts at $285 for three days. Currently there are no tickets available for admission to Volcano Bay only. An additional $20 can be saved by purchasing tickets online and printing them ahead of your visit. Purchasing multi-day passes online will also score you a coupon book with over $150 in offers to use within Universal Studios. Tickets can be purchased by clicking here!


Universal Studio’s has outdone itself yet again and is eagerly awaiting the opportunity to unveil its newest theme park, Volcano Bay. At a size of nearly double that of Wet’n Wild Orlando, Volcano Bay is sure to be at the top of the list for Disney theme parks to visit this year and for years to come. Universal Studio’s Volcano Bay will be the hottest way to keep cool for those seeking to plunge into their Best Vacation Ever in Orlando this summer!