1. BVE promotional vacation packages are offered by sponsoring brand-name resorts that are eager to show off their properties. Typically, they’ll include extra incentives like complimentary accommodations, attraction tickets and much more to entice guests, and a majority offer professionally staffed, camera-monitored childcare centers.

2. In exchange for your complimentary accommodations, you are required to attend a fun, interactive, entertaining and educational 90-minute group sales presentation conducted by friendly, passionate team members who will show you how much money you can save on future travel, without all the stereotypical high-pressure sales pitches. A complimentary breakfast or a spread of snacks is typically included. Think about it…90 minutes barely covers 1 percent of your 24-hour, adventure-filled days of a weeklong vacation, without disrupting your vacation itinerary at all.

3. With your BVE promotional vacation package, you can explore your favorite destinations in a setting that allows you to “try it before you buy it,” especially when our team members show you first-hand just how much money you are wasting on traditional travel expenses and how much you can actually save on all your future travel.

4. At the conclusion, you may be asked to complete a short survey, then you get to spend the rest of your vacation enjoying the resort and all of its amenities, as well as the many attractions in your destination or onboard your cruise.

Important Information

The accommodations listed here are just a sampling of those available. Per the terms and conditions noted in your confirmation letter, accommodations are based on availability and vary from property to property. Based on the type of room purchased with your promotional vacation package, upgraded accommodations are subject to availability and at an additional charge.