When experienced travelers offer travel tips, packing everything into your carry-on is one of the first tips on the list. This is because tightened airline security and higher prices for checked baggage have rendered it impractical for most people to check luggage when they fly. Managing to fit everything into a small bag is a skill that can be learned, with a little practice and a few tricks.

  • Know your measurements. Check the airline’s website ahead of time to find out the measurements of allowed carry-ons. Bear in mind, you are often allowed “extras,” like a laptop bag or a purse. Make the most of these items to maximize your allotted space.
  • Roll it! One of the best ways to fit a good number of articles of clothing into a small space is to roll them. Fold items in half, lengthwise, and then roll them tightly from the top down. You will be amazed at how much will fit into a small space.
  • Dress for success. Wear your heaviest clothes to the airport. This may sound silly, but it can mean the difference between making your carry-on weight limit or exceeding it. Do you need a sweater and a coat? Wear them both, to avoid packing them. Consider carrying things in your pockets, as well, to reduce what goes in your bag.
  • Purchase when you arrive. Some things, like liquid toiletries, can no longer be carried onto a flight. Fortunately, most of those items will be available at your destination. Save yourself some space, and buy them when you get there.

Traveling without checking any baggage can be a breeze, once you get used to strategic packing! You will want to spend more time vacationing, traveling to exciting destinations. For help planning your next trip, visit Best Vacations Ever for more travel tips and expert insights.