Experience the thrill of Transformers: The Ride 3-D, which just celebrated its one millionth rider as of Aug 1, 2013, while on your Best Vacations Ever trip to Orlando, Florida.

Need a reason to lock in your Orlando vacation, especially during peak travel periods like this holiday season or summer  2014? Best Vacations Ever promotional vacation packages can get you locked into a Central Florida family vacation with complimentary accommodations, saving your hundreds of dollars on a family vacation yet offering you plenty of new and upcoming attractions you do not want to miss. According to a report August 1, 2013, on WKMG Orlando, Transformers: The Ride 3-D at Universal Studios Orlando®  which is based on the popular Transformer movies series with all the technological bells and whistles, has already celebrated and filed

Enjoy the most exciting rides and attractions at the theme parks of Universal Studios Resort on your Best Vacations Ever family trip to Orlando with complimentary accommodations.

The lights, the cameras, the action are all awaiting you at Universal Studios Orlando® on your Best Vacations Ever trip to Orlando. A trip to this cinematic-based thrill park should take center stage as you plan and book your Central Florida vacation. Preferred Guest Resorts works with you to create and provide the most amazing Best Vacation Ever promotional travel package for you and your family during your trip to Orlando, with complimentary accommodations through preferred partnerships with hotels, resorts and vacation timeshare rentals—plus Alamo® rental cars—that are located right in the heart of the action. With easy proximity to all of Orlando’s top attractions and theme parks, a Best Vacations Ever visit to Universal Studios Orlando® is a must-do on every family vacation

Bold online complaining is the new trend when, in fact, many promotional travel offers like Best Vacations Ever are legitimate and great way to travel at dramatic savings.

The wide world of the Internet is a wonderful thing, but it also has a dangerous side—false information, hacking, scams and now, the new trend of “consumer online complaining.” Some complaints are legit, but many today are simply symptoms of a person not taking the time to go through proper channels and not using a company’s internal resolution processes.  It’s become easier to sit behind a keyboard and write more aggressive complaints than it is to deal with someone in person or speak to them over the phone to receive or attempt resolution.

This untempered form of public venting often discredits products and businesses, and affects the hard-working employees who work for them. What people don’t realize is that many of these unfiltered complaints are actually—and legally—slanderous or defamatory statements that give a company reasonable cause for legal action. The promotional travel industry is not a stranger to “scam complaints.”

At Wet ‘n Wild, there’s something wet, wild and wonderful for everyone in the family on a Best Vacations Ever promotional getaway to Orlando this summer.

When you think of summer, you want to get wet, especially when visiting the world’s most famous playground destination, Orlando, Florida, with season’s super-hot temperatures. In addition to the major theme parks, like Walt Disney World® Resort, Universal Orlando Resort® and SeaWorld Orlando®, there are numerous water parks and nearby beaches to have an absolute splash this summer. Amid all the big-name Orlando attractions and water parks stands the very first modern water park, Wet ‘n Wild Orlando, which now falls under the NBC Universal umbrella. It’s longevity, history, affordability, thrills and chills are what make it even more intriguing and enticing. When you book your Preferred Guest Resorts’ Best Vacations Ever promotional vacation

Follow a few simple steps to find cheap Orlando flights with a volume of online competitors wanting your business, or allow one of our travel agents do it for you when you book your Best Vacations Ever promotional vacation package.

With high fuel costs and extra fees for baggage etc., you might think flying to Orlando, Florida, will empty your wallet. But actually getting cheap flights to Orlando, the vacation capital of the world, couldn’t be any easier or more convenient, given online content is shaping the way people travel. “[Cheap] Flights to Orlando” is one of the highest-ranking key phrases online, soaring in some 250,000 global searches monthly. Better yet, competition is stiff with so many online vendors eager to secure your airfares, so grab your laptop or mobile device and start searching the volume of online flight-booking options available to you. The free accommodations with a Best Vacations Ever promotional vacation package through  Preferred Guest Resorts that actually pads your travel budget, cushioning your landing in Central Florida even easier,

Travelers flock annually to Central Florida for its year-round sunshine, beautiful nearby beaches, plentiful attractions and big-name theme parks like Walt Disney World® Resort, Universal Studios Orlando® and SeaWorld Orlando®. But the Sunshine Sate is not without reprieve from Mother Nature. Spring ushers in like a lion, and summer brings hearty afternoon thunderstorms—often welcomed for cooling high temperatures. Informed vacationers refuse to let rain spoil the fun. Thousands of travelers visit Orlando every year through Best Vacations Ever promotional vacation packages (800-656-2780), saving hundreds of dollars with complimentary accommodations for more fun money for extra activities. Visit bestvacationsever.com to arm your travel itinerary with Orlando MUST-DO activities. Here are a few of our favorite family fun activities for Orlando rainy days:

Downtown Disney is pouring with activities, and Disney Quest is an ideal retreat and family adventure zone for travelers on their Best Vacations Ever to Orlando.

Disney Quest® Indoor Interactive Theme Park: Located in Downtown Disney—and entertainment complex travelers don’t want to miss—is an interactive extravaganza with 5 floors of family fun, including virtual worlds, 3D encounters, cyber sensations and classic video games in the Replay Zone. Other other hotspots and restaurants are a skip away.


Old Town  Arcade: Old Town is a classic and retro pop-culture amusement park and outdoor shopping mall in Kissimmee. Outdoor activities and rides may be limited while raining, but indoor arcade is packed with power play and fun activities for everyone.


Visitors on an Orlando Best Vacations Ever can’t miss the upside down building of WonderWorks.

WonderWorks: Visitors step inside the inversion tunnel to be turned right side up before you take on more than 100 exciting, hands-on exhibits that make it an Orlando MUST-DO for all ages.


Orlando Science Center: Whether 7 or 70 years old, vacationers will enjoy hands-on fun, engaging interactive activities, movies, exhibits and much more.  Four floors inspire curiosity, discovery, exploration and education amid historic family fun adventure.

Downtown Orlando Ghost Tours: Ominous weather adds to the ambiance as vacationers meet a ghost tour guide on Church Street, at the former Historic Strand Hotel, who shares tales of Orlando’s shady past and hotbeds of paranormal activity, dating as far back as 1886, are unveiled. EMF detectors are provided, and cameras/camcorders are welcome, as no two trips are alike.


Chocolate Kingdom: Chocoholics and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory fans will love this interactive journey as a personal guide and a Prince with his Dragon sidekick takes Orlando visitors through a Cacao Tree Greenhouse, a one-of-a-kind Chocolate Museum, a Mystical River of Chocolate and a Bean-to-the-Bar Factory.

Ripley’s Believe It or Not!: Orlando travelers of all ages will “oo and ahh” over the unbelievable facts and artifacts at the Orlando world of weird attractions.

Orlando is home to numerous shopping and outlet malls and centers for some serious retail therapy.

Shopping: There’s no better cure on a rainy day than retail therapy. Orlando satisfies every traveler’s cravings and budget with the Mall at Millenia, Florida Mall, top outlet malls, antiquing centers and much more.


Orange County Regional History Center: Vacationers can see pictures of and learn about Orlando 100 years ago, before Walt Disney World® Resort and other developments came into play.


The Titanic Experience: Visitors can check out the large collection of artifacts and exhibits commemorating the first and final voyage of the Titanic.


Specialty Performances: Cirque du Soleil’s La Nouba and Blue Man Group are just two of Orlando’s most mystical, magical and entertaining specialty performances vacationing travelers can enjoy in Orlando.


Visit bestvacationsever.com for more MUST-DO Orlando activities and call a Best Vacations Ever travel representative at 800-656-2780 to book a promotional family fun vacation package in Orlando with free accommodations that increase your travel fun money.

What are some of your favorite Orlando rainy-day activities?


A few helpful tip can help you  capture  amazing travel photos with just about any camera while traveling on your Preferred Guest Resorts’ Best Vacations Ever.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and every traveler wants to take beautiful photographs while on vacation so they document and share their visual story. The biggest mistake vacationers (and people) make is thinking a fancy new camera is the answer, when actually technique is more important than equipment. If you learn its capabilities, practice and learn how to avoid a few pitfalls, you can take beautiful photographs with almost any camera. Preferred Guest Resorts has culminated a top 10 list of tips and techniques from several of the world’s best travel photographers so you can take better photographs while on your Best Vacations Ever journey to picturesque family destinations:

  1. Read the camera’s manual, and learn all its controls and features so you’re prepared. TIP: More advanced information in expanded versions is often downloadable on retailer websites.
  2. Learn what “resolution” is and set your camera for the highest resolution possible. It makes digital altering/editing later much easier, especially if you want to make a vacation storybook. Get multiple large-file holding memory cards because high-rez photos create larger files and take up more room. TIP: Travelers take many more photographs than they expect, so you could be in a destination where it is too hard to buy one or have to pay higher tourist costs.
  3. Practice good focus methods—it’s the number one thing to ruin a photo. Learn how to use your automatic focus, which usually requires a half shutter press. Use the “macro” mode for very close-up shots. Auto focus often works better than manual. Pros often ignore auto focus and use metering to take better photos. TIP: If your auto photos turn out of focus, definitely try manual. You can capture some great close-up on manual at the theme parks and beaches.
  4. Learn how your camera works in varying light; Inside, outside and different times of the day when you get to your Preferred Guest Resorts’ vacation destination. Photos turn out very different in the varying forms of light. Also learn when to use your flash. TIP: Use your flash carefully; don’t use it when you don’t have to.
  5. Avoid red-eye by having people avoid looking directly into the camera or using a “bounce light.” Aiming your flash above the subjects’ heads, especially with surrounding light walls, will help avoid red-eye, too. TIP: Look around for color; red will draw into a person’s eye. There is a lot of color at theme parks for great images.

    Avoiding directly looking into the camera helps prevent red-eye and also creates more dramatic candid photos.

  6. Learn how to set your white balance—the most underused feature—that compensates for different kinds of lighting and how to set it for conditions like cloudy days, shade or bright sun in your vacation destination.
  7. Learn what ISO speed is, and set it to the lowest setting for posed or slow-moving photographs. TIP: This setting is perfect for group or tripod shots while on vacation.
  8. Before shooting, stand very still, frame and focus the photo creatively in your mind; then in your viewfinder. TIP: Avoid distractions and cluttered backgrounds in the photo when needed, although clutter can add texture and detailing to a photo, especially if you’re at a colorful attraction, theme park or exotic beaches while traveling on your Preferred Guest Resorts’ Best Vacation Ever.
  9. Try interesting angles that show minimum shadow and maximum color. Take a risk, and use the Photographers Rule of Thirds, where primary points sit along third lines. Horizon or other lines should not cut the picture in half. TIP: Divide your frame into thirds, and don’t put your subject in the middle of the frame, a helpful tip for any travel photo you take.
  10. Use lines, shapes, color and light to give depth and interest to an image, and add a dramatic, artistic effect to photographs, especially while in picturesque Preferred Guest Resorts’ vacation destinations.

    Depth, texture, color and contrast can create dramatically beautiful photographs while on your Best Vacations Ever with Preferred Guest Resorts.

If a picture tells a thousand words, fill your memory cards and share your expansive journey with more beautiful travel photographs than ever before. Remember, the more practice and the more images you take, the greater your eye becomes behind the lens. Preferred Guest Resorts’ promotional vacation packages can send you to amazingly affordable destinations and your Best Vacations Ever, so call 800-656-2780 today to book a vacation you’ll never forget, especially with brilliant photographs.

What are some of your tips and tricks for taking better photographs while traveling?


A few tips can help you and your your family have the most fun at the Universal Orlando Resort theme parks: Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure.

The lights, the cameras, the action are all awaiting you at Universal Orlando® Resort in Orlando, Florida. A trip to this cinematic- based thrill park should take center stage as you plan and book your Orlando vacation. Preferred Guest Resorts works with you to create the Best Vacation Ever for you and your family during your trip to Central Florida, with premium accommodations through preferred partnerships like Walt Disney World Good Neighbor® Hotels, resorts and vacation timeshare rentals that are located right in the heart of the action. With easy proximity to all of Orlando’s top attractions and theme parks, a visit to Universal Orlando® Resort is a must-do on every family vacation itinerary. You can find roller coasters anywhere in the U.S., but the Old Hollywood ambiance and dedication to the most famous movies, like the Harry Potter series and The Simpsons have made this park a unique, unmatched experience that includes super thrill rides and creative, high-tech thematic shows that use modern movie-making technology that rival many of the other attractions in the country.


Due to the popularity of newer attractions like The Wizarding World of Harry Potter™ at the resort’s Islands of Adventure® and Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit® at Universal Studios®, it is recommended you purchase at least a 2-Day Ticket with park-to-park access. This way you can experience both parks at Universal Orlando® Resort for one ticket price. You can start your day at Universal Studios, then visit Islands of Adventure in the afternoon, or travel between both parks whenever you want. Purchasing the VIP Express Pass allows you to also avoid waiting in long lines, especially during peak seasons and high temperatures in Florida. When planning your vacation budget, call ahead for pricing and see how it can fit into your allotted funds. Your Preferred Guest Resorts’ representative may have some helpful tips to offer as well!



Revenge of the Mummy is a fast and furious coaster ride based on the famous movie. Watch out for the killer backwards drop!

The Revenge of the Mummy®

Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit®


Ages 10 and Under

Fievel’s® Playground

E.T. Adventure®

MEN IN BLACK™ Alien Attack™

Twister Simulator Experience


For All Ages

MEN IN BLACK™ Alien Attack™

Shrek 4-D

The Simpsons Ride™

Terminator 2®: 3-D

E.T. Adventure®



Animal Actors On Location!SM

Beetlejuices Graveyard Revue™

Live Rock ‘n’ Roll Spooktacular

The Blues Brothers® Show

A Day in the Park with Barney™

Fear Factor Live

Lucy – A TributeSM

Universal Orlando/s Horror Make-Up Show


Islands of Adventure is one of two Universal Orlando Resort theme parks that pack a serious punch with multiple rides, attractions and shows.

Thrill Rides & Coasters

The Incredible Hulk Coaster®

Dragon Challenge™

Doctor Doom’s Fearfall®

Pteranodon Flyers®


Water Rides

Dudley Do-Right’s Ripsaw Falls®

Popeye & Bluto’s Bilge-Rat Barges®

Jurassic Park River Adventure®


Fun for All Ages

The Cat In the Hat™

One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish™

The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man®

The High in the Sky Seuss Trolley Train Ride!™


Family Shows

The Eighth Voyage of Sindbad® Stunt Show

Oh! The Stories You’ll Hear!; Dr. Seuss Tales  Come to Life

Poseidons Fury®



Get ready for thrills and chills, just like in the movies, and start your adventures at Universal Orlando® Resort by calling your Preferred Guest Resorts’ travel representative today to ensure you have booked your Orlando vacation and accommodations. If you have any questions or need help planning your family vacation or itinerary, call today so we can help assure that you and your family have the Best Vacation Ever in Orlando, Florida.

The Simpsons sure love Universal Orlando Resort and so will you and your family!



While on your BVE promotional vacation, there are plenty of healthy and affordable dining options at the big-name theme parks in Orlando to please everyone, and every taste bud, in the family. Health-conscious visitors will be surprised by all the healthy choices available!

A vacation used to be a license to splurge—to eat and drink whatever you wanted—but travelers today are much more conscious about healthier eating options and spreading out their family vacation splurging a little bit. A nice dinner out with all the trimmings is always great fun, especially if you’re on vacation in Orlando. But for many parents, healthy eating options are a big concern, especially on the wallets when out enjoying all the city’s theme parks and attractions during their affordable vacation in Orlando, Florida.

You can always bring your own healthy snacks and sippie cups to refill juice or water  in your  backpack (check park websites for policies on bringing in food and water ahead of time.). But there are more healthy eating options today, especially when health and fitness options are top of mind at all kinds of eating establishments—theme parks included! Just ask your vacation representative at 800-656-2780 who can also help with advance ticket purchases while booking your promotional vacation package.

More and more theme-park travelers started expressing strong interests in having healthy eating options, especially after seeing the quick in-and-out joints with burgers, hotdogs, fries, and chicken nuggets,vendor stands with popcorn, decorative ice-cream treats and candy shops, and kids hyped up on too much sugar.

Moderation, obviously, is the key, but you and everyone in your family can eat healthy and still enjoy your promotional vacation in the theme-park capital of the world, so you don’t go back home 5 pounds heavier, with kids that are completely thrown off their healthy eating routines.

Healthy entrees are easier to find at the bigger restaurants at the theme parks, but the smaller, quick-serve joints do serve healthy options, too. If you take time to read the menu you’ll find plenty of alternatives to fries like Jello, applesauce, fruits slices or carrot sticks. Having two members share a meal also is  a great way to monitor portion control and save money while on vacation.

Your promotional vacation package to Orlando can be as fun, healthy and affordable as you want it to be. Remember that your Preferred Guest Resorts representative can help you with any advance ticket purchases and reservations too, if you call 800-656-2780. There are plenty more options available if you just look around while you’re at the parks or if you check out the dining options at each website ahead of time. But, to give you a head start, here are a few suggestions for  healthy eating options at some of Orlando’s big-name theme parks.


SeaWorld has one of the best healthy dining programs out of all the Orlando attractions, making it easy to stick to healthy eating habits. Don’t worry, there’s something to please everyone and every taste bud in the family. Along with a mesmerizing tableside view of sharks, you can get freshly prepared, upscale entrees of all varieties, from assorted salads to freshly grilled seafood and chicken at Sharks Underwater Grill. It’s may be a bit more expensive, but it’s truly memorable experience. One the kids will totally enjoy, no matter what they are eating.  Makahiki Luau serves up incredible Pacific Isle cuisine that’s full of fresh fruits, salads, prime entrees, along with plenty of traditional luau entertainment. (Call your vacation representative ahead of time at 800-656-2780 too see if they can assist with the required advanced registrations.)  SeaWorld also caters to vegetarians with a delicious super- low-calorie vegetable plate or a yummy garden burger at the Spice Mill. There’s also the cold veggie wrap in the Antarctic Market that’s a nice, refreshing bit to nosh on during a hot summer’s day. The delicious smells and succulent flavors from the Voyagers Smokehouse might tempt your taste buds to go off the wagon, but its just-as-flavorful yet healthy turkey sandwich is an equally delicious alternative that’s flattering on your figure, too.

Universal Orlando® Resort

Universal Orlando Resort combines adventure and healthy meals. No matter where you stop almost all of Universal’s dining options offer healthy alternatives to French fries or other high-calorie sides. Choose from veggies, side salads or fruit to help balance any meal. The Beverly Hills Boulangerie, Louie’s Italian Restaurant and Richter’s Burger Co. all offer a selection of soups, salads and sandwiches that won’t leave you feeling guilty or wondering if you’ll fit in that new swimsuit you bought for the hotel pool. When you’re in Islands of Adventure, try the Garden Burger at Burger Digs or the Chicken Caesar Salad at Pizza Predittoria for a quick, wholesome meal that won’t leave you too full for the rides. For an award-winning meal, look for the towering rock formations, cascading waterfalls and ancient figures carved into the side of Mythos Restaurant® and get ready for a top-rated meal with a scenic view and plenty of healthy options, such as the succulent Cedar Plank Salmon. Passing in between the two parks, the healthy options abound at Universal CityWalk®, which has a host of renowned restaurants you can sit a spell for a great wholesome meal for the whole family. Head to Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville® for the Caribbean Chicken Salad, or a plethora of options at restaurants like Hard Rock Cafe®, Emerils® Restaurant Orlando, NBA City, Bubba Gump Shrimp™ and many more.

Walt Disney World® Resort

Healthy snacking is the key to keeping both parents and kids happy while visiting the most magical place on earth. A colorful assortment of fresh fruit, veggies and juice can be found cold-packed with vendors at any of the parks, like in Animal Kingdom’s decorative Harambe Fruit Market, which entices children with its cold-packed variety of colorful fruits, water and juices. You can also find delicious, low-fat smoothies at Auntie Gravity’s Galactic Goodies in Magic Kingdom that are great for beating the heat while being healthy. For lunch? Head into Tomorrowland where you’ll find tofu and noodle bowls at the Terrance Noodle Station and Turkey Bacon Wraps at Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Café. Hollywood Studios also offers veggie sandwiches and a Southwest Salad with chicken at Starring Rolls or Backlot Express. There’s no skimping on flavor to eat healthy at Animal Kingdom’s Yak & Yeti, with its Mandarin Chicken Salad, or the hibachi-style grilling Teppan Edo or the many eateries in the countries at Epcot®. There are also a bounty of options for healthy eating at the many eateries within the countries of the World Showcase. French fries are popular and pretty much a staple item, so you’ll always find those on menus. But at least there are alternatives, like salads or fruits, that are offered at most establishments and at least one low-fat and one vegetarian entrée are now offered at all table-service restaurants.You can even satisfy your sweet tooth with a Dole Whip or a naturally super sweet mango smoothie that fills you up, too, instead of those hard-to-resist fudge bar or Mickey Mouse Ice Cream Bar. A couple during the vacation week is almost a tradition, but keep it a minimum… a special treat!

It’s much easier to eat healthy at the parks than people think, especially with so many options and a shared consciousness to serve and keep park visitors happy and healthy. Sometimes, it’s having the will power to follow through that’s the hard part. Remember, you can always stash away a few healthy treats and some water bottles in your backpack to help save money, time and stave off the kids’ boredom standing in long lines, depending on park policies you should check ahead of time online.  Whatever you decide, know that there are plenty of options to suit all your needs as you and your family enjoy your promotional vacation in Orlando. Be sure to call your vacation representative at 800-656-2780 for any information or assistance in booking your vacation, getting theme-park tickets or hard-to-get dinner reservations in advance, as well as notice of any dietary restrictions the hotel can be advised of. Then go ahead and have your Best Vacation Ever!


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