The top family vacations are underway as school is out for summer and families are beginning to leave town. Whether you’re taking a road trip or flying to  one of the best U.S. vacation spots, travel games are the perfect way to start having fun as soon as your vacation starts. Travel games are also a great way to make sure the children you’re traveling with are happy and entertained. Check out a few favorites from Preferred Guest Resorts.

License Plate Game

This one is a classic for road trips! The goal is to identify license plates from states other than your home state. You can play as a team or individually to see who can get the most license plates during a certain amount of time. If you want to make the game more challenging, try playing in alphabetical order, not moving on to the next state until you find the first one.

Car Bingo

Car Bingo is a great travel game to get younger kids involved and keep them entertained during a road trip to one of the best U.S. vacation spots. Bring along some custom printouts that include things such as stoplights, animals or landmarks, and have your child mark the spaces as they notice them. The first player to get a line of items crossed out is the winner! Bringing along prizes to give to the winner is a fun tip to make the game even more exciting.

Board or Card Games

Many games now come in travel sizes with smaller boards and pieces. Games such as ConnectFour, Checkers and Uno now even come with travel kits to help ensure game pieces don’t get lost  while you’re on the go to a top family vacation destination. These games give you a great opportunity to take the games you love playing at home as a family with you on your vacation! They’re also great for travel by car or by plane.

Top family vacations are the perfect opportunity to make memories that your kids will remember forever, make sure the experience starts as soon as you leave with these games! If you haven’t planned your family vacation yet, visit Best Vacations Ever by Preferred Guest Resorts and check out the great beach packages we have that your family is sure to love!