Hop aboard the world’s only snorkeling catamaran with a rock-climbing wall.

Fish for bonefish in the famous Grand Bahama cays.

Kayak through the Lucayan National Park or out to Petersons Cay.

Come face to face with the marine worlds friendliest creatures at one the dolphin swims, either at an encounter complex or in the surf.

View the spectacular undersea panorama aboard the Lucayan Glass Bottom Cruise, where you can see a dizzying array of tropical marine life, including tropical fish, living coral, possible barracudas and reef sharks, as well as the protected hawksbill turtle, green turtle, and loggerhead turtle.

Venture out of Freeport on an exciting Jeep safari tour (suitable for ages 4 to adult) that gives adventuresome trailblazers access to the most secluded areas of this spectacular tropical paradise and explores greater areas so you encounter the full flavor of the Bahamas.

Trek into the primeval forest of the spectacular 42-acre Lucayan National Park and walk in the footsteps of the ancient Arawak Indians, also known as the Lucayans who called the area home before Christopher Columbus’ arrival in 1492. Descend into the mysterious caves, where archaeologists have discovered Lucayan artifacts, including the remnants of archaic burial rituals.

Zoom through the channels and along the shoreline of Lucaya on your own personal watercraft while touring the Freeport islands and waters. This wet and wild adventure is ideal for both thrill-seeking adrenaline addicts and mellow cruisers.

Dance to the intoxicating Caribbean rhythms as you venture into paradise aboard the Fantasia, a 72-foot double-deck vessel, for a 3-hour Mango Tango Evening Cruise along the coastline of Grand Bahama Island.

Experience the Original Bahama Mama Booze Cruise and its raucous atmosphere, which is wildly popular and the ultimate party destination for visitors to Freeport.

Spend the day on one of a variety of snorkeling cruise tours offering many different options, like sail, snorkel and lunch tours, and stops at the area’s best spots.

Explore a sunken shipwreck or a spectacular reef, like the famous Palancar Reef (the largest in the Northern Hemisphere), teeming with wildlife and tropical fish on one of many available scuba-diving or snorkeling tours.

Take a bicycle sightseeing tour of Grand Bahama Island along the seascape as guides engage you with history and stories of local lore.

Relax on your own little remote island oasis after kayaking the turquoise Caribbean waters, then find that perfect snorkeling spot off Grand Bahama Island during the Peterson Cay Kayak and Snorkel Tour.

Paddle into paradise touring the majestic Lucayan National Park during a guided kayak tour expedition.

Experience the magic and fun of the Bonfire at the Beach in Freeport, complete with fire dancers, music, fun activities and a marvelous buffet with free drinks.

Explore beautiful destinations on Grand Bahama Island and shop at the variety of markets, vendors and boutiques in Freeport during the The Super Combination tour.

Take a day trip over to the island of New Providence to explore Nassau and visit The Pirates Museum, which chronicles the Golden Age of Pirates in interactive displays and features a replica of the pirate ship called The Revenge.

Shop the straw markets for local arts and crafts and immerse yourself in the local flavor of the Bahamas.

Visit Freeport’s national parks: The Rand Nature Centre, named after its founder James Rand; Petersons Cay, a small isle about 300 yards off the shore of Grand Bahama; and the Lucayan National Park, which features five ecological zones and a cave system accessible by stairs and another only by scuba divers.

Get your pulse racing with a fast and furious banana-boat ride on the ocean waters.

Climb aboard for fine cuisine, dancing and limbo contests on the Lucayan Lady Dinner Cruise.

If you take a day trip over to Nassau, cruise underneath the surface of the Caribbean on your own personal SUB, a futuristic underwater motor-scooter, with Mini SUB Adventure.

Cover all your bases in one day by joining the Biking, Shopping & Beach Tour of Grand Bahama Island.

View the splendid Bahamian vista with an eagle’s-eye view as you parasail over the crystal clear waters. Recommended vendors include Lucayan Parasailing.

Sit on the dock and dangle your feet in the water as the Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphins swim around you, or venture into waist-deep water on the encounter platform for an up-close, hands-on interaction with the dolphins at the UNEXSO Dolphin Close Encounter.