Everybody needs to get away, but the financial stress of vacationing can sometimes ruin the relaxation you were hoping for.  Here are some tips to have fun family vacations on a budget so you don’t regret your time away when you get back.

Limit Eating Out

It’s easy to justify eating out for every meal when you’re on vacation, but the bills will add up quickly and your nutrition may suffer.  Choose how many times you’ll eat out, such as once a day, and hit the local super market for the other meals.  Buy fresh fruit and veggies to keep yourself energized with quality calories and save money at the same time.  This tip for inexpensive family vacations is easiest to accomplish if you have a kitchen in your hotel room.

Don’t Go Overboard with Souvenirs

Decide how worthwhile certain trinkets are and whether they will really be put to good use when you get home.  Many knick-knacks will catch your eye on vacation, but you must limit the gifts you buy for friends and family at home as well souvenirs for yourself if you want to save money on vacation.

Fly Midweek

Tuesday through Thursday are the cheapest days to fly.  You can save a bundle on travel expenses by planning your flights well in advance for the middle of the week.

Buy Vacation Packages

There’s no reason to ever pay full price for your flights and hotel room if you plan ahead.  There are travel packages for all kinds of destinations that allow you to save hundreds on your plane tickets, accommodations, and even with restaurants that are affiliated with the hotel or airline.

Travel Light

Many airlines charge you a fee to check your bags.  You could end up paying hundreds of dollars to check your family’s luggage.  To save in this area, ask everyone in your family to pack as light as possible.  Remember, most hotels supply basic toiletries so you don’t have to bring these along.

Take a Trip during the Off-Season

By traveling in the spring or fall instead of the summer months, you can save big time on all kinds of vacation expenses.  If your children are homeschooled, or you’re willing to take them out of school for a few days, you can enjoy inexpensive family vacations during the off-season.

All of these tips will help you save money on your next family trip.  Traveling doesn’t have to cost a fortune if you know what it takes to accomplish fun family vacations on a budget.