Going on vacation is a time for relaxation, but if you’re concerned about your figure, there are easy ways to stay fit on your family vacation. And no, we don’t mean spending your vacation time in the hotel gym. Utilize these five tips from Best Vacations Ever by Preferred Guest Resorts to enjoy your vacation without sacrificing your figure in the process.

Choose the Stairs

Dodge the elevators and hit the stairs instead. It’s a tiny change that won’t mess up your routine and could result in 100 calories burned if you climb the stairs for 10 minutes in a single day.  Especially on vacation, when you’ve abandoned your formal workout routine for a time, every calorie counts.

Walking Tours

Instead of doing your sightseeing on a trolley or in a taxi, put on your walking shoes and take a stroll. You’ll be able to go at your own pace, get a better view of everything, and burn plenty of calories in the process.

Play with the Kids

Sure, you can relax and sunbathe for a bit, but have some calorie-burning fun with your kids as well. Shoot hoops, get in the pool, go for a bike ride, play some ping pong. You will undoubtedly find yourself having at least as much fun as the kids.

Workout on the Beach

You’ve probably seen exercise videos of fit men and women working up a sweat to the sound of the rolling waves with a gorgeous sunset behind them. You can get your exercise on the beach without your mat and weights by starting a beach-friendly game like volleyball or tag. You can also simply enjoy a brisk walk or jog along a stretch of beach to get a workout during your vacation.

Plan Physical Activities for Each Day

If the morning is filled with more standing and sitting than walking and running, fill the afternoon with a long walk at a park or at the beach. Incorporate other kinds of aerobic adventures at the airport where you can transform terminals into walking tracks.  Be sure you are responsible and sensible in your effort to stay fit on vacation, especially in crowded places.

Each morning you wake up on vacation, look forward to everything you will get to see and enjoy that day. Don’t obsess over ensuring you get your exercise, but let these tips come naturally to your day. Your travels will invigorate your mind and your efforts to stay fit on your family vacation will energize your body as well. For more information about family vacations, visit bestvacationsever.com.