Did you know that numerous studies show that planning a vacation can heighten anticipation and people enjoy it almost as much as the vacation itself?  Studies also prove that a vacation can reduce stress levels, helping you discover new things, strengthen relationships, refresh your attitude and relax. That’s why Best Vacations Ever encourages you to plan an affordable and amazing family vacation with free accommodations by calling 800-656-2780 for better health today!

Getting Physical
Europeans are already packed and on holiday. It’s a yearly must-do! Americans consider it a luxury, given work, traffic, costs of living and airfares that make a vacation seem impossible. But if you really want to stay healthy, vice president of innovation at Cedars Sanai Dr. Glenn Braunstein says,Take a vacation! Stress is bad for your mind and body” and it can have have the following harmful effects:

•    Cause irritability
•    Make one tired & unfocused
•    Hinder the body’s ability to fight infections
•    Lead to unhealthy behavior
•    Load up on fatty foods & smoke
•    Consume too much alcohol

Travel Planning Boosts Happiness
Scientists in the Netherlands found that people were just as happy planning as much as enjoying the actual vacation—the anticipation and planning also boosted happiness for up to 8 weeks. Locale and length are not important. Go to a far-away destination or enjoy a local-resort staycation. Research destinations and picture yourself enjoying all the exciting adventures or just lying on a pristine beach with the stress reducing, planning anticipation, health benefits, and travel savings of free accommodations with a Best Vacation Ever promotional vacation package.

Avoid Heart Problems
Doctors will tell you the harmful long-lasting effects stress, especially as it releases a dangerous hormone called cortisol. A study of 13,000 middle-aged men showed that men who skipped consecutive vacations were 30% more likely to suffer heart attacks than those who vacationed yearly—even missing one increased risk. A Framingham Heart Study found skipping vacations was just as bad for women, who are at risk of heart problems as early as age 21 now. A Wisconsin study showed women who took vacations twice per year were less likely to develop coronary heart disease, and become tense, depressed and tired—plus, the odds of marital dissatisfaction decreased.  

Plus, if you’re in some exotic destination, the odds are slim that you’ll end up sitting around in your hotel room. Being on vacation sparks interest and gets you out doing all kinds of physical activity that improve your health like walking, hiking, golfing, running, ziplining, climbing rock walls or falls,  bicycling, jogging, swimming, taking pictures, sightseeing, shelling, surfing, wading in the surf, snow skiing, partaking in watersports and so much more.

Even just relaxing on the beach is good for you (with SPF). Being outdoors exposes you to the Vitamin D of the sun’s rays, which health reports show helps prevent Cancer, Bone Disease and Depression, and Controls Insulin Levels, Balances Hormones and helps Promote Weight Loss.

Improving Productivity
Remove yourself from the stressors that can have harmful effects like work burnout. Work places encourage vacations because they want relaxed, refreshed, more productive workers. So disconnect from the office, turn off electronics and “unplug.” Another study shows stress is reduced up to 5 weeks after the vacation return. Booking your trip and airfare in advance helps you avoid any stressful last-minute travel planning. Call 800-656-2780 to book an incredible, health-improving and affordable promotional Best Vacations Ever package with free accommodations that saves you hundreds of dollars off your travel budget for much more fun and a lot less stress.

How has a vacation helped you reduce stress and improve your health?