7. Presentation / Tour

Decisions that affect a family’s future vacation lifestyle are important and having your partner there to weigh in on the decision is something the resorts require. Sponsoring resorts seek ideal couples and families who will truly take advantage of and enjoy all of the benefits of their vacation ownership plans. Resorts use the married and/ or co-habitating requirement as a way to ensure each couple selects the plan that best suits their family as a whole, and to deter the abuse of the promotion vacation offer (free accommodations, tickets credit, dinning benefits, etc.) for events such as bachelor and bachelorette parties or getaways where the individuals may just be using the promotional offer as a means of financing their vacation.

No, it is the responsibility of the guest to transport themselves to and from the touring location.

Possibly, if not should be no more than 25 minutes away.

In most cases, you can check into the Welcome Center between 10am and 3pm. However, please double check with your Welcome Center to confirm their hours of operation. However, your actual accommodations are not usually available for check-in until 4pm. Information regarding the Welcome Center is in your reservation confirmation letter and also available when you log into our portal.

If married, both spouses must attend. If single, every guest in the party must attend.

The sales presentation is approximately 90-120 minutes long.

Yes. The promotional package you purchased was sold for the purpose of introducing you to each of the resorts in order to be eligible for the package offer, and you will need to attend each resort’s sales presentation.

You are not required to purchase anything. We only require you and your party to attend the resort sales presentation.

Most of the time the tour is scheduled in advance so you can plan your vacation stay. It is typically the day after you check in. If the tour is not scheduled in advance you will set this up when checking into the Welcome Center when you first arrive.

In most cases you will know in advance the time of your tour. If the Welcome Center does not offer this option you may request it; however, the actual time will be based upon availability and confirmed at check-in.

Because you are traveling under a promotion in which there is a mandatory presentation involved.