A theme park vacation is a dream for many families, but for those trying to plan family vacations on a budget, it can be difficult to make that dream a reality. There are some tricks, however, that veteran theme park visitors know, for keeping cost down and value high. Among these techniques are several that pertain to dining at a theme park on the cheap.

  • Eat before you go. Having a big breakfast can push lunchtime back for your family. Load up on carbs, but make sure to have some protein to give the breakfast some staying power.
  • Pack a lunch. Most theme parks, Walt Disney World included, allow visitors to bring food into the park, as long as it doesn’t require heating. Bringing snacks and sandwiches can really cut down on the money you spend in the park!
  • Dine outside the park. Get your hand stamped, so that you can leave and come back. Then head off to eat like a local, and you will save at least 25 percent on your meal.
  • Utilize the dining plan. On the other hand, if packing it in or leaving to find food is not your style, find out if the park offers a dining plan. Walt Disney World, for example, offers vacation packages that include discounted dining for guests staying at one of the Disney resort properties. In addition, some park restaurants offer free meals to children, with the purchase of an adult meal. Do a little research ahead of time, and you will save your family some money.
  • Save money on drinks. It may seem pricey, but if the souvenir mug offered by the park comes with free drink refills, it is probably worth the money. Another strategy is to bring drink flavoring packets, and fill water bottles from the water fountains. Mix in your flavor packet, and you have a tasty beverage!
  • When you do spend, make it count. Steer clear of fast-food type items that you can pick up anywhere. Choose something special, since you are going to spend money that you would not normally spend.

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