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Fun int the sun and seashore for all families and cohabitating couples in Daytona Beach Florida with low-cost Best Vacations Ever vacation packages to Florida.

Daytona Beach is already one of the top beach vacation destination choices for all travelers, but what if this legendary city also offered casinos and expanded gambling? It’s been on the top of Daytona’s mind for its locals and especially its visitors like tens of  thousands of Best Vacations Ever travelers. So is expanded gambling and casinos in Daytona Beach a sure bet? Not yet….But, it will be if the city of Daytona Beach has anything to say about it. Toward the end of last year, Daytona made headlines with its aggressive push, city governmental support and the formation of a legislative strategic analysis team, The Spectrum Gaming Group, which is a task force that was hired by the state to do the research and analysis, presented their report to the senate gaming committee, and is still in debate and up to vote. Gambling expansion would only enhance Daytona’s already booming tourism and hearty menu of activities and attractions, meet the needs of all needs of all types of travelers, add more of a modernized vibe and entertainment to create a Florida region with an all-in-one setting that not only entices more travelers but  increase the cities economic return, create jobs and modernize its traveler and destination appeal. Daytona Beach is already one of the most popular destinations in the nation and a top traveler’s choice for low-cost Best Vacations Ever (BVE) vacation packages, especially with its pristine beaches, laid-back and intriguing atmosphere, cultural and performing arts, museums, NASCAR racing that would become “racinos,” and current gambling options on land and under current law like The Poker Room and exciting nearby casino cruises departing from the port – the only current “gambling” options allowed under current legislation. But Daytona still hopes to bring the fun and thrills to land. With the expansion, many believe that the benefits far outweigh the negatives, especially as a tourism draw, economic income generator and job growth, as well as increased traveler entertainment and the most ideal Best Vacations Everadventure brought to you by Preferred Guest Resorts (PGR) so you can give Daytona Beach a low-cost spin any time of the year in the Sunshine State.


Daytona Beach Florida's booming coastline.
Daytona Beach is already a top Best Vacations Ever adventure, but imagine the thrills and excitement if gambling is expanded in this legendary Florida beach destination.

You can still get your gambling fix in this legendary beach destination and ideal Best Vacations Ever Florida beach vacation in a beach paradise with an enormous list of activities and attractions to please everyone in the family. Daytona Beach already has day and night cruises that depart out of its port, which would also expand under the current expansion proposals. These fun cruises out of port offer a night or day or  full casino gaming because they sail out and anchor for a few hours in international waters where gambling is allowed although age restrictions still apply. But Daytona Beach is hungry to add casino action the historical beach city’s already extensive menu of activities and attractions, as well as its close proximity (an easy hour west on I-4) to Orlando and its mega theme parks for day-trippers. All of these activities, attractions, NASCAR’s International Speedway and Richard Petty thrill rides, activities and attractions, and miles of beaches already have Preferred Guest Resorts (PGR) traveling tens of thousands of travelers to Daytona Beach with its extremely affordable Best Vacations Ever vacation packages that typically include complimentary nighlty accommodations and other possible incentives to enhance your Daytona experience. Visit for full Daytona information and downloadable BVE’s exciting and legitimacy travel videos, and then click on the MUST-DO page for attractions and activities that you just can’t miss. Best Vacations Ever allows you to get a big taste at superior savings of the legendary beach destination of Daytona Beach with promotional packages that typically include complimentary accommodations (hundreds of dollars in travel savings) and other possible incentives such as a preferred-partner Alamo rental car and/or attraction/theme-park tickets to enhance your trip. Give it a spin andcall 800-656-2780 for more information. Be sure to ask about weeklong vacation packages with stays in Daytona and Orlando for the best of both worlds.

Slot machines and other gambling expansion may come to Daytona Beach.
GIve Daytona Beach a spin. Gambling expansion could offer every type of traveler an even more exciting, sure- bet vacation.


Even the new Hard Rock Hotel being built in Daytona Beach has planned for the possible expansionof gaming  and has built a full casino floor option into its architectural plans in hopes of Daytona being granted the gambling expansion by the time it opens or even to add a full casino later, when and if it comes to fruition. Both Daytona and South Florida cites are primed and ready to modernize and expand gambling options with the fun, excitement, economic boon and opportunities it could bring for for traveling tourists and the cities’ economies. If the gambling and casino expansion is granted, Daytona Beach is already betting on becoming thee top destination in Florida that appeals to ALL travelers, even though it already ranks high on best beach vacation lists already boasts so many activities, attractions, entertainment and beaches for all types of travel personalities that you leave you wanting more time during a Best Vacations Ever adventure!

Family playing int he ocean at Daytona Beach, Florida
Best Vacations Ever travelers are already lucky winners, with or without gambling expansion, when they get to visit Daytona Beach with packages that typically include complimentary accommodations and other incentives that traditional travel retailers just can’t beat.
Best Vacations Ever already is a sure-fire bet to a low-cost, extremely affordable way to experience all that Daytona Beach already has to offer now and/or when gambling may be added to this already thriving and vibrant beach destination.Roll the dice and call 800-656-2780 and visit to find out exactly what you’re missing, and updates on if and when gambling may be added to Daytona Beach and/or other South Florida BVE destinations. Call PGR’s Travel Reservation Center at 800-656-2780 today for your most unforgettable couple or family beach vacation in paradise!
What do you think about gambling expansion in Daytona Beach and other possible Florida destinations? Would it make you visit Daytona Beach more often is there were full casinos?


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