Orlando Vacations—Much More Than Magical Theme Parks

An Orlando Best Vacations Ever vacation in a magical dream come true!

I remember the day my dad told our family we were moving to Orlando. I was in second grade and thought, “Wow, I’m moving to Walt Disney World!” As the decades passed and Father Time ticked away, I grew to call it home, and to know and love “The City Beautiful” and how much it has to offer—way beyond the phenomenal Orlando theme parks and nearby beaches. Of course those are the top and most wondrous reasons tens of thousands of traveling families and cohabitating couples vacation in Central Florida year-round. But not everyone is all about pixie dust and Mickey Mouse. Some travelers in the group want more – something more cultural, outdoorsy or adventurous in more unique ways. They want to find their “magic” and satisfaction in activities beyond the theme parks, and they can. I’ve managed to uncover just about every treasure and activity that Orlando has to offer and say with certainty that Central Florida is truly America’s playground and the ideal vacation for everyone in the family.

Black Friday, Holiday & Year-Round Low-Cost BVE Travel Packages and Tips for Planning the Perfect Vacation Gift

With your holiday gift of travel, you could see the beauty and splendor of Epcot throughout the seasons with Best Vacations Ever.

Ah, yes…tethered lights, unruly crowds with long lines, races to get the best items for gifts at low prices, and the bewilderment that comes when trying to find the perfect gifts for loved ones. You got it… Tis the season for online and in-store Black Friday and Holiday shopping, both in-stores and online, and those perilous decisions. One of the greatest and often overlooked presents for any holiday, birthday, anniversary, graduation and so much more that is available on Black Friday, Cyber Monday, all through the holiday season and all year long is the gift of a custom, up to weeklong Best Vacations Ever (BVE) promotional vacation packages provided by Preferred Guest Resorts (PGR). Extraordinary low-cost vacation packages for up to four people and with 12 months to travel. The BVE vacation packages save you hundreds of dollars off retail and even off many discounted travel rates that make for the most incredible and most shocking holiday gift of an upcoming travel vacation this spring or summer to worldwide destinations often with complimentary accommodations. You can find all the information, glorious destination, preferred accommodation selections, and fun and educational videos about PGR /BVE on bestvationsever.com, then call 800-656-2780 to talk about choosing, planning and booking your holiday gift of travel for up to four people, with up 12 months to travel.

Give the Gift of Travel This Holiday Season and Save Hundreds of Dollars

Give the gift of travel this year to your loved one or family — Best Vacations Ever trip to amazing destinations around the world that cost hundreds of dollars less than retail rates.

Just about all of us are rummaging through online store specials and shopping malls, readying for Black Friday and all the holiday gift specials that run through December. Looking for that perfect, most thoughtful gift for a loved one can be as tough as finding a needle in a haystack. How many times have you wanted to surprise your cohabitating partner or family on the holidays with an amazing vacation they would never have expected that you can get for up to 75% off – less than the cost of

For the most fruitful vacation, take a serious money-saving trip to Napa Valley with Best Vacations Ever.

Mention you’re thinking of visiting Napa Valley, California, and watch the office workers break the sound barrier trying to get to you over cubbies and at the water cooler with their opinions on where to go, what to do and what’s best, even worst. Everyone is willing to throw in advice, even people who have never been. First rule is to toss most of it out the window, unless the person visits often or is an avid traveler of trust. There are many facets to Napa Valley, and luckily for you, we’ve made sure planning a trip to Napa for the first time is not nearly as daunting. Best Vacations Ever has done a lot for the work for you with a plethora of information on Napa Valley, Fast Facts and Must-Do activities listed on our jam-packed website,

Strengthen family bonds, stop at extra landmarks and save serious money driving to Florida instead of flying on your Best Vacations Ever adventure.

There are many ways to get from Point A to Point B—each one offering variable amounts of speed, cost, safety, comfort and carbon-footprint impact. Comparing all the options could be quite a task, but you don’t have to do it because Preferred Guest Resorts (PGR) has done it for you. When you book a one-week Alamo® car rental from PGR, you are eligible to receive a complimentary Best Vacations Ever promotional vacation package to Florida that includes a 3-night, 4-day stay in Orlando and a 2-night, 3-day stop in Daytona Beach—saving you hundreds of dollars. To secure your Florida Best Vacations Ever vacation package with a one-week Alamo rental car, simply call