Black Friday, Holiday & Year-Round Low-Cost BVE Travel Packages and Tips for Planning the Perfect Vacation Gift

With your holiday gift of travel, you could see the beauty and splendor of Epcot throughout the seasons with Best Vacations Ever.

Ah, yes…tethered lights, unruly crowds with long lines, races to get the best items for gifts at low prices, and the bewilderment that comes when trying to find the perfect gifts for loved ones. You got it… Tis the season for online and in-store Black Friday and Holiday shopping, both in-stores and online, and those perilous decisions. One of the greatest and often overlooked presents for any holiday, birthday, anniversary, graduation and so much more that is available on Black Friday, Cyber Monday, all through the holiday season and all year long is the gift of a custom, up to weeklong Best Vacations Ever (BVE) promotional vacation packages provided by Preferred Guest Resorts (PGR). Extraordinary low-cost vacation packages for up to four people and with 12 months to travel. The BVE vacation packages save you hundreds of dollars off retail and even off many discounted travel rates that make for the most incredible and most shocking holiday gift of an upcoming travel vacation this spring or summer to worldwide destinations often with complimentary accommodations. You can find all the information, glorious destination, preferred accommodation selections, and fun and educational videos about PGR /BVE on, then call 800-656-2780 to talk about choosing, planning and booking your holiday gift of travel for up to four people, with up 12 months to travel.

Bold online complaining is the new trend when, in fact, many promotional travel offers like Best Vacations Ever are legitimate and great way to travel at dramatic savings.

The wide world of the Internet is a wonderful thing, but it also has a dangerous side—false information, hacking, scams and now, the new trend of “consumer online complaining.” Some complaints are legit, but many today are simply symptoms of a person not taking the time to go through proper channels and not using a company’s internal resolution processes.  It’s become easier to sit behind a keyboard and write more aggressive complaints than it is to deal with someone in person or speak to them over the phone to receive or attempt resolution.

This untempered form of public venting often discredits products and businesses, and affects the hard-working employees who work for them. What people don’t realize is that many of these unfiltered complaints are actually—and legally—slanderous or defamatory statements that give a company reasonable cause for legal action. The promotional travel industry is not a stranger to “scam complaints.”

Follow a few simple steps to find cheap Orlando flights with a volume of online competitors wanting your business, or allow one of our travel agents do it for you when you book your Best Vacations Ever promotional vacation package.

With high fuel costs and extra fees for baggage etc., you might think flying to Orlando, Florida, will empty your wallet. But actually getting cheap flights to Orlando, the vacation capital of the world, couldn’t be any easier or more convenient, given online content is shaping the way people travel. “[Cheap] Flights to Orlando” is one of the highest-ranking key phrases online, soaring in some 250,000 global searches monthly. Better yet, competition is stiff with so many online vendors eager to secure your airfares, so grab your laptop or mobile device and start searching the volume of online flight-booking options available to you. The free accommodations with a Best Vacations Ever promotional vacation package through  Preferred Guest Resorts that actually pads your travel budget, cushioning your landing in Central Florida even easier,

Tis the holiday season and the time of travel. Heed these top tips to help reduce the stresses and hassles of holiday travel so you and your family have your Best Vacation Ever!

Heading to Grandma’s this holiday season or taking the family on a much-needed vacation? Travel analysts say this 2012 holiday travel season is gearing up to be the busiest in nearly a decade. Traveling over the holidays is already notoriously busy, expensive and stressful, but there are still deals to be found, provided you shop carefully and plan ahead. Looking for a last-minute getaway, check out our many promotional vacations to a wide variety of destinations with free accommodations by calling    1-800-656-2780, and you just may find what you want under the tree this year, along with your Best Vacation Ever! But if you’re getting ready to travel this holiday season, take a deep breath and heed some of these top tips to help reduce the stresses of holiday traveling:

  1. AVOID PEAK TRAVEL PERIODS: The Wednesday before Thanksgiving is the critical