The part of vacationing that can sometimes be puzzling is the traveling part.  Whether you are planning a road trip or flying across the country, you want to feel as comfortable as possible during your travels to the best U.S. vacation spots.  Here are some top travel tips for packing to help you select the right clothes to travel in.

Make comfort and function more important than fashion

While you may not choose to sport sweatpants and a baggy T-shirt, you shouldn’t feel like you have to dress up to travel, either.  A comfortable in-between might be modern, cute loungewear.  For examples, sleek but comfy lounge pants and a snug cardigan could be the perfect way to avoid the pajama look while still being very comfortable.

Keep your final destination in mind

Who will be greeting you upon arrival, friends or colleagues?  Will you have a chance to get freshened up in a hotel, or will you be headed straight to your first activity?  Keeping this final destination and the company you will keep upon arriving will help you decide what’s appropriate to wear.

Consider bringing an easily accessible change of clothes

If a comfortable travel outfit simply won’t cut the expectations of your immediate destination, you can bring a change of clothes and make the switch in an airport bathroom.  This is also important if you’re traveling to a different climate.  You may need to leave Colorado in a long-sleeved shirt during the winter and change into shorts and a T-shirt when you arrive in Florida.

Wear layers

You can’t control the temperature on a plane and you never know what kind of weather you might run into on your road trip, so layering is a great option when traveling.  This makes changing clothes to match a different climate easier as well.

Consider wrinkles

A crisp white shirt may end up wrinkled after a multiple-hour flight or drive, so make note to avoid wearing linen on travel day.  Another fabric that tends to wrinkle is untreated cotton.  Choose clothes from your wardrobe that are resilient to avoid wrinkled clothing that displays you have been traveling all day.

The bottom line is traveling in comfortable clothing is important for your trip. Then, if your destination calls for it, bring a change of clothes.  Ensuring that you are completely comfortable is the best way to start your trip to one of the best U.S. vacation spots.